Ukraine, US and NATO send responses to Moscow. Stoltenberg: “Kiev is free to choose allies. Start the conversation or we’re ready to react.”

United States e Then Have sent their replies and counter-proposals to Russia Vin asked for more guarantees in the presence of troops Atlantic Treaty Near its boundaries. Now the word goes back E He will hold talks with the President of France in the coming days. Emmanuel MacronWith US Secretary of State Anthony BlinkAnd with the British Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss. But the message sent by the coalition is clear: Ukraine must choose its allies Without any interference or external threat. We have provided “a Serious diplomatic path “Russia wants to follow suit,” Blingen said after announcing that the US ambassador had gone to the State Department in Moscow to respond. Vladimir Putin. But the path of the alliance was made clear by the NATO Secretary-General, Jens StoltenbergDuring an extraordinary press conference.

He did so by listing three key things to start a serious conversation: “First – he started – we need to do Re-establish our respective offices In Moscow and Brussels. Second, we must make full use of our existing military communication channels To promote transparency And minimize risks and try to create a line Civil contact for emergencies“The third point is,” we need to think of ways Prevent accidents in air and sea And once again pledge in full compliance with international obligations Chemical and biological weapons. Finally, we need a serious conversation about Weapons controlIncluding Nuclear weapons And medium and short range arms on the ground. These areas represent the agenda for meaningful conversation. I invited allies and Russia to a series of meetings at the NATO-Russia Council to discuss all these issues in more detail. Coalition parties are ready to meet soon. He recalled that the Moscow army was also involved in the “provocations” allegations launched by Moscow. BelarusIn Moldova And inside Georgia: “Russia is withdrawing its troops from these countries Start the expansion series“, His request.

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If the talks fail, Stoltenberg later announced, answering questions from reporters, that NATO was ready to step up. “The power of the answer With About 5,000 soldiers And currently headed France, But other allies also contribute troops to this tool, which may be used in a few days. We have extra troops, which can be sent at short notice. We need a decision to use NATO’s resources or any element of the response force North Atlantic Council. If necessary, that decision will be made.

Meanwhile The United States They are preparing what has already been renamed ‘Mother of all obstacles’. Plan to attack economically Russia If new Invasion of Ukraine This, they expect WashingtonWorks primarily from Prevention Against possible military action. The draft, which began negotiations, was submitted by the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Bob MenendezAnd recognizes Joe Biden To hit Financial Officers and Companies With drastic measures. And it can be achieved Vladimir Putin In person this hypothesis has provoked a severe reaction KremlinWith its spokesperson Dmitry Peskov Who warned: If the president has obstacles, these will happen “Political pain” e “Destructive” As for relations between Moscow and the West, Russian law in principle prohibits senior officials of the country from holding assets abroad, so sanctions will not “hurt” Putin. But still Washington Urgently, they expect from the State Department “Possible use of military force” “Mid-February” by Russia in Ukraine.

The project under discussion is a Capitol Hill Receives one Bilateral consensus President Biden did not rule out adoption last night Personal restrictions An action against Putin has so far been avoided Washington: “It all depends on Putin, I think even his parents do not know what he will do – he said – to be honest, it’s like studying tea leaves. Usually with another leader, he continues to concentrate forces on the border with Ukraine. Belarus All around, he thinks, ‘This means he wants to do something.’ But when you look at his past behavior and what everyone is saying and what is happening, it depends on his decision.

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Even the Russian Foreign Minister who talks about “provocation”. Sergei LavrovWho speaks before DumaRussian Parliament, Atlanticist Bloc in Ukraine “Real provocation. Our Western colleagues are really in a position Military hysteria“They do “Frenzied Reports”. “We are ready for anything – he concluded – we did not attack anyone, we were always the ones who were attacked and those who did it did not escape from it.” Andrei DurchakA senior Duma official instead called for further militarization of the region: “Under these circumstances, Russia must provide the necessary assistance to the People’s Republics. Lugansk e Donetsk Providing weapons to strengthen their defensive capabilities, ”he told public television microphones, adding that Kiev authorities were” preparing for a military attack. “

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