Family call and journey to the USA: Who is Casosan, the Italian YouTuber who disappeared in New York

Family call and journey to the USA: Who is Casosan, the Italian YouTuber who disappeared in New York

There is a lot of concern about the case of the missing YouTuber Cosimo Corradoknown on the web as Kazosan. The 21-year-old from Salerno was there New York Nothing was known about him for three days. In these hours the family’s call arrived, understandably in a state of extreme apprehension.

Who is Kazosan?

Malik A YouTube channel With 1.1 million subscribers, Kazuosan is actually Cosimo Corrado. His social profile, which is still visible, is friendly and colorful, and mainly focused on video games Brawl stars.

The boy was there for a few days New York For issues related to his YouTuber career, when all communications suddenly stopped and no one heard from him anymore.

Family appeal

After three days of silence, Cosimo Corrado’s family finally launched an online appeal Helps For everyone. The post, which contained a photo of the boy, was widely circulated on social media, in the hope that someone would recognize him. “It’s Cosimo, he’s from Salerno. He’s a YouTuber known as Casosan. He arrived in New York a few days ago, but we haven’t heard from him for two days.”“, reads the family letter.”He was in Manhattan around 6:30 pm on Saturday. He lost his phone. If you recognize him by chance, call the police or the WhatsApp number +39 388 986 9780“.

Unfortunately, there is no news at the moment. Cosimo’s father and brother left for the United States to actively participate in research. Using an interview with the morningThe young man’s father sent a moving appeal to his son: “Come back, nothing happened. “Everything is back to normal, I’m coming to get you.”

Recent tracks

The story is closely followed by another YouTuber, Captain Blazer, who keeps followers updated with the latest news regarding Cosimo Corrado’s disappearance. The 21-year-old was last contacted at 6:30 a.m., when the boy was at Manhattan.

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Captain Blazer said Kazosan arrived in New York last Friday and was two years old mobile phonesOne of these devices could have been lost because after a phone call another person answered and claimed to have found the device on the street. Also according to some accounts, to be verified, the 21-year-old was seen walking around barefoot and indoors Confused state On the street, and I won’t go back to the hotel to sleep.

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