Break with Washington in case of new US sanctions

(Teleforza) – “As for the threat of sanctions, Americans have been told that the package we are talking about now, along with the total closure of those financial and economic institutions controlled by the West, is tantamount to breaking. Relationships. It has been mentioned, I think they understand it.” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, According to reports from Tass.

“If we depend on Russia – if Lavrov continues – the war will not erupt. We do not want war, but we will not allow our interests to be trampled on.” The Russian foreign minister defined NATO’s response Moscow’s proposals for a European defense agreement Focuses on the so-called “ideological” and “special purpose” and “exception” of the Atlantic Alliance. “I felt a little embarrassed – Lavrov – for those who wrote it”. Lavrov now expects the OSCE’s response to Moscow’s demands for security in Europe, after the United States and NATO. “If our efforts to adopt a universally accepted policy on security in Europe do not bear fruit, we will take retaliatory action,” the minister said.

Next Meeting between Russia and the United States Diplomatic presence in the respective countries will take place in a few weeks. “In the next two weeks – Lavrov announced in an interview with the mainstream Russian media – there should be another meeting. Now the Americans are negotiating directly.” The minister also said that if Washington’s “rudeness” continued on the Russian embassy, ​​Russia would still have reservations to match the number of diplomats. The last meeting between Lavrov and US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen took place last week.

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Today, meanwhile, a French President Emmanuel Macron and Russian President Vladimir Putin have a telephone interview. – According to Elysée – they found agreement on the “need to slow down” and the “continuing dialogue” in the crisis in Ukraine. During a telephone conversation with Macron lasting more than an hour, the French president said Putin had “made it very clear that he did not intend to attack. He did not expect a confrontation.” On strategic security in Europe, the two leaders agreed to continue the dialogue with NATO and the United States on “Europeans must be a party to this dialogue.” Putin said he would like to continue the talks that began today with President Macron. From Paris they note that “conversation is hard” but “channels of discussion are open”. The Kremlin has also announced that Putin and Macron have agreed to “continue Russian-French dialogue on security-related issues in Europe” as Paris holds the position of rotating head of the European Council.

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