Wild temperatures and a warning of violent storms! Will we reach 30 degrees Celsius?

Wild temperatures and a warning of violent storms!  Will we reach 30 degrees Celsius?

Highs above 25°CAnd pay attention because we can get to 30°C for the first time in 2024. Temperatures rise on Sunday and Monday. This heat will eventually explode Violent storms Accompanied by strong winds and hail. also Waiting for unloading too Which will be released in the middle next week... We explain all the details in the following video:

Sunday entertainment. Scrub 30°C!

Decision Sunday We will continue with Clusters of cirrus clouds This half enjoys the sun or the decision. Some afternoon clouds in the mountainous parts of the eastern Pyrenees and the northeast which will no longer leave showers. Fog and fog will be repeated last Saturday morningEspecially the marine ones on Sunday evening.

Extreme temperaturewith maximum values ​​above 20°C throughout the country and 25°C in Terres de l'Ebre and the Ponent points as well as some other valleys and plains in the pre-coastal region and central Catalonia. On Monday they will go up a little more Some thermometers may reach 30 degrees Celsius in the Ebro Valley for the first time this year, 2024.

Along the coast they will be on the sidelines Of records above 20 degrees Celsius, with cooler conditions wherever Fog and fog!

Violent storms! Waiting for vacation?

On Monday the thermometers will touch the ceilingAnd a lot of heat, that's going to be energy that will end up exploding in storms. In the afternoon on Monday and Tuesday, there will be storms in the northern regions of the country. It should be kept in mind that storms will be erratic, the sun will prevail most of the day, and conditions will be relatively warm, but be aware that a line of storms may form Monday night into Tuesday, which may affect more counties.

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From WednesdayLeave will be issued It depends on how you end up putting it It will determine the course of the weather for the following days and even the beginning of Easter. Right now, it looks like we may be able to achieve this by the end of the day on WednesdayMore organization and violence, with strong winds and cold. On Thursday it looks like the decline will continue around us Precipitation that can reach more points. Friday the social The game will end up being won and the bulk of the disruption will be concentrated in the south, but then it may rise again,… anyway The degree of uncertainty since mid-week is very high The diagnosis can change from day to day.

to summarise: The first half of the week will be marked Heat and irregular storms; In the second half of the week we will have to wait for the decline that may take us More general rainfall And one Temperature normalization.

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