Ukraine-Russia war, today’s news. Moscow: “From Zelensky’s furious, helpless attack on Berlusconi.” New weather alert across the country

Ukraine-Russia war, today’s news.  Moscow: “From Zelensky’s furious, helpless attack on Berlusconi.”  New weather alert across the country

Latest updates from the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. Giorgia Meloni went to Kiev, after being in Warsaw. letter Russian President Vladimir Putin Almost a year after the start of the war. Head of Chinese diplomacy Wang YiHe arrived in Moscow yesterday to discuss the Chinese proposal for a peace plan announced at the Munich conference. Joe Biden spoke from Warsaw: the US president, after Moscow’s warning, met Ukrainian leader Zelensky in Kiev, who said: “We also talked about long-range weapons.”

The war in Ukraine and global tensions: What do you need to know?

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Live news of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia

The Kremlin revokes the decree on Moldova’s sovereignty

Russian president Russian President Vladimir Putin He rescinded a 2012 decree that partially upheld Moldova’s sovereignty as part of policies on the future of Transnistria, a Moscow-backed separatist region bordering Ukraine and where Russia has troops. bring it back guardian. The decree, which included a Moldovan component, has defined Russia’s foreign policy for 11 years which presupposes closer ties with the European Union and the United States. The cancellation was posted on the Kremlin’s website and said the decision was made to “guarantee Russia’s interests in connection with changes in international relations”.

Ukraine and Hungary block the tenth package of sanctions in Moscow

L’Hungary Gets sideways again and denies adoption The tenth package of sanctions against Russia. To give him the green light, he is requesting the removal of four names from the EU blacklist. EU ambassadors meet again during the day to try to reach an agreement and approve the package of restrictive measures by 24 February (the first anniversary of the invasion), as promised by the Commission and the Council. However, Budapest also opposes extending the period of extension of the sanctions, which should extend from the current six months to one year. Essentially, countries must confirm sanctions every six months, and many would like the period to be one year as well to deny Hungary this political leverage.

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Moscow: “An angry attack by the helpless Zelensky on Berlusconi”

“In another fit of impotent rage, the cellar-dweller attacked Berlusconi for reminding him of the Kiev-Donbass regime.” So said the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharov He comments on Telegram criticism of the Ukrainian president of the leader of Forza Italia. Zakharova recalls what Berlusconi said about the Allied bombing of Milan as a child, and then concludes, “Trevalli Zelensky compared his regime to the fascist regime and the Russian special military operation to Allied actions in World War II. He escaped from the truth.”

Russia – China: Meeting with Wang Lavrov in Moscow

The meeting of the Russian Foreign Minister in Moscow has begun Sergey Lavrov With the highest diplomat in Beijing, Wang Yi.

Medvedev: “The right to defend ourselves even with nuclear weapons”

“If the United States wants to defeat Russia, then we have the right to defend ourselves with any weapon, including nuclear weapons.” The former Russian president wrote this on his Telegram channel Dmitry Medvedev.

Dmitry Medvedev (hand)

Ukraine, a new air alert in all regions of the country

Turn on the air raid alarm again Ukraine, with sirens sounding in Kiev. It is clear from the monitoring sites that the state of alert concerns all regions of the country, and according to some indications, the alert was raised following the suspected launch of missiles and drones.

Russia: State Duma committees recommend suspending START

The Duma’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committees recommended the adoption of a law suspending Russia’s accession to the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START). This was announced by the two presidents, Leonid Slutsky and Andrei Kartapolov, citing RIA Novosti. President Vladimir Putin submitted the initiative to the Chamber of Deputies of the Federal Assembly. The document will be examined today by the Federation Council. In his speech yesterday, Putin announced the suspension of Moscow’s participation in the treaty, stressing that Russia is not withdrawing from the agreement.

CNN: Russia tested a ballistic missile while Biden was in Kiev

Russia allegedly conducted – unsuccessfully – a test of the Sarmat ICBM while US President Joe Biden was in Ukraine. CNN says, citing two US officials. Moscow reportedly notified the United States in advance of the launch via deconfliction lines, an official said. Another source said the test did not pose a threat to the United States and that the United States did not consider it an anomaly or an escalation.
US officials believe that, if successful, Russian President Vladimir Putin would have highlighted the test in his state of the nation address on Tuesday.

Italy supports the peace formula presented by Zelensky

“The Italian Republic appreciates the Ukrainian peace formula presented for the first time by President Zelensky at the G20 leaders summit in Bali on November 15, 2022. Italy is committed to a just peace for Ukraine on the basis of the peace formula and reaffirms its commitment to active cooperation with Ukraine on the 10-year peace plan points”. This can be read in the joint statement of the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and prime minister Georgia MeloniPublished on the website of the Ukrainian Presidency.

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