Listen to the teacher

It would be pure coincidence, but in the lead-up to the birth of the next European Parliament, we must remember that the great ideological and strategic master of the far right on planet Earth, Steve BannonHe plans (not of his own free will) to go to prison before July 1. The former Trump adviser was convicted for refusing to cooperate with the legislative committee that investigated the assault on the Capitol in 2021, which was not the first criminal misstep for Bannon, who is already convicted of embezzling funds intended to build a border wall with Mexico; Pardon only Trump cardOn his last day as president, he will be released from prison. And when Bannon spends a few days in prison, Trump’s conviction in the Stormy Daniels case will become known, meaning the radical anti-politics guru and his smartest students will continue to teach anti-Parliamentarian doctrine with that laurels on their résumés.

It is quite an example of those who promote “old and dilapidated Europe” while enjoying having a seat there and imprisoning political opponents (repeating the dirty moments of the past) while calling for disobedience, especially financial; They do this by competing on the most elaborate and original series of insults, as recommended in the former Marine Corps ideologue’s Catechism and Breitbart News. Bannon has warned European extremist parties, from France’s National Front to Hungary’s Fidesz, AfD, Austria’s Freedom Party and many others, to listen to him on almost everything (except for a mandate to increase the income tax on income over $100). %). 5 million dollars annually…), especially in proposing insult as the core of a speech that should be full of threats, obstruction of parliamentary work, incitement and spreading lies as unique strategies for public action. In American newspapers, they always publish this news under the notice that “editorials and other opinion content are independent of the work of our editorial journalists,” because it is better to prevent (the outcome of the next election) than to cure (the disease that could bleed them financially from the public authorities), Fortunately we can still talk about it here more or less freely. And maybe it will last…

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