Ukraine and Russia, here they are, kamikaze tanks are at war

Ukraine and Russia, here they are, kamikaze tanks are at war

Kamikaze tank in the war between Russia and Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense in Moscow said that Russian forces attempted to remotely detonate a tank to destroy a Ukrainian military site, hinting at the use of a new war tactic. In a post on Telegram, the ministry explained that 3.5 tons of Tnt and 5 Fab-100 bombs weighing one hundred kilograms were used. The operation was led by a commander named “Bernoul”.

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Russian military blogger Voennyi Osvedomitel shared a video to the pro-Russian channel Romanov with images taken from a drone: the footage will document Tank explosion Which, however, would have ended up in a mine before reaching the target in Mariinka, in the Donetsk region. “A kamikaze tank was sent in, but it didn’t work,” the verdict.

Belarusian, Russian and nuclear weapons

The Ukrainian authorities said that they do not yet have “strong” evidence proving Russia’s deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus, after Moscow and Minsk announced last week that they had reached an agreement to transfer such weapons. “We have no concrete evidence that nuclear weapons have actually been deployed on the territory of Belarus,” said Fedir Veneslavsky, a deputy and member of the Ukrainian Parliament’s National Security, Defense and Intelligence Committee, after attending a meeting with intelligence officials. .

Venislavsky added that Kiev’s goal is to continue working with its partners in the international community to prevent security threats that may arise from the transfer of nuclear weapons to Belarus.

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