June 3, 2023

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Xbox is responding to the PlayStation Showcase by highlighting games coming to Series X | S too

A few minutes after closing Playstation showthe official account of Xbox On Twitter there seems to be He responded to Sony’s event Highlighting the major cross-platform games that were presented during the show, showing that many of them are It’s also coming to Xbox Series X | S..

“What a great set,” the Xbox account wrote, reeling 12 matches Of those presented during the PlayStation presentation associated with the writing “Coming to Xbox”. Given that many of the titles shown during the PlayStation Showcase apparently made no mention of platforms other than PS5, this tweet also demonstrates the cross-platform nature of many of the games announced.

So here are the games introduced during the PlayStation show that will also be coming to Xbox:

Many of these were already known as cross platform, others are less well known. Among these, Marathon, the new game from Bungie, stands out in particular. Although the team became PlayStation Studios’ first party with the acquisition, as it’s known, it explicitly requested that it be able to continue development on multiple platforms, with Sony’s permission.

Among those absent is Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol.1, which could therefore be a PS5 exclusive, pending further information in this regard.

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