Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Violent Russian attacks in Donbass

Ukraine – Russia, war news today.  Violent Russian attacks in Donbass

Kyiv: The first ship loaded with grain arrived in Ethiopia

The first ship loaded with 25,000 tons of grain within the Humanitarian Food Program “Grains from Ukraine” He arrived in Ethiopia. This was announced on Telegram by the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, Andriy Yermak. Zelensky himself emphasized on Twitter: “We are sending food. We are sending hope.”
As part of the humanitarian programme, the Kyiv government expects to send at least 60 ships sailing out of the ports by the end of next spring, so at the rate of ten a month, destined for countries at risk of famine and drought. : Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Congo, Kenya, Nigeria.
According to Keef, the Ukraine Grain Humanitarian Initiative along with the Black Sea Grain Corridors is a response to Russia’s attempt to “weaponize food”. On the other hand, Moscow responded that, of the shipments of the international community, the poorest countries received only 3% of all grain sent from Ukraine. According to the Ankara government, more than 12 million tons of grain have been exported since August 1, when the agreement between Kyiv and Moscow to open Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea and create a grain corridor came into force. The agreement, which aims to alleviate the food crisis caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, will last until mid-March, because Russia and Ukraine agreed on November 17, two days ahead of schedule, to extend the agreement by four months.

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