«All payments are suspended immediately»- Corriere.it

«All payments are suspended immediately»- Corriere.it
to Francesca Basso

After the announcement by Austria and Germany, the European Commission is considering freezing funds to put pressure on Hamas. Brussels planned to provide financial support amounting to 1.177 billion euros in the period from 2021 to 2024.

From our correspondent
Brussels – The first to make this announcement was L“Austria.” Monday morning, even if it is Sunday Minister of Development GermanySvenja Schulz has already made it clear: – Suspending development aid programs in the Palestinian territories in both countries In response to Hamas’ attack on Israel.

thenadvertisement Before 3 pm X European Union Commissioner for Neighborhood Affairs of Hungary Oliver Varhely“This explains that.”All EU payments are suspended immediately“For all projects placed under review, and all new budget proposals, including those for 2023 postponed until further notice, there will be a comprehensive assessment of the entire portfolio.” However, the humanitarian aid provided by the European Union has not stoppedAs the European Union Crisis Commissioner, Slovenian Janez Lenarčić, stressed on the 10th: “While we strongly condemn the terrorist attack launched by Hamas, it is necessary to protect civilians and respect international humanitarian law. The European Union’s humanitarian aid to Palestinians in need will continue as long as necessary.” On Monday evening, after a day of embarrassment and pressure from EU Foreign Minister Josep Borrell, a statement from the EU Commission set out as follows: “Since no payments are expected, there will be no hold on payments.” The aim of the review of EU aid to Palestine “is to ensure that any EU funding does not indirectly enable a terrorist organization to carry out attacks against Israel.” Briefly, Only after the outcome of the review will a decision on payments be made
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Latest news about Israel and Hamas live

For Varheli, “the scale of terrorism and brutality against Israel and its people represents a turning point.” “Business as usual” is no longer possible: “As the largest donor to the Palestinians, the European Commission is reviewing its entire development portfolio, which has a total value of €691 million.” “Now we need to address the foundations of peace, tolerance and coexistence,” continues the European Union Commissioner. Incitement to hatred and violence and glorification of terrorism have poisoned the minds of many people. “We need action and we need it now.”

Italy will continue to provide humanitarian aid to the Palestinian territories Which is mainly transported through UN agencies.

there European Commission On Monday, during a regular midday conference, he said that he was “assessing the extent to which recent tragic events will impact current and future development assistance,” stressing that “it is very clear that the European Union does not fund Hamas directly or indirectly.” Or any other terrorist organization or activity.”

The suspension of funds allocated to the Palestinian population aims to achieve this Pressure on Hamas
. But a spokesman for the European Union External Action Service explained that “Brussels’ concern,” without prejudice to “Israel’s right to defend its territory in accordance with international and humanitarian law,” is “the civilian population.” The scale of Saturday’s aggression clearly shows that anything other than the search for peace is unsustainable. A spokeswoman explained, “The European Union supports i Projects of the Palestinian people in building the stateThis is in line with the priorities set by the 27 Member States. EU funds support basic services for the Palestinian people and contribute to the Palestinian Authority’s spending on health care, social assistance for vulnerable families and the salaries of public employees. Then here they are Assistance in the water resources and energy management sectors.

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European Foreign Minister Josep Borrell called, on Tuesday, to Oman in Muscat, where he will hold a meeting of the European Union with the Gulf Cooperation Council, which brings together six countries in the Arabian Peninsula. An emergency meeting of European Union foreign ministers To address the situation in Israel and the region from all angles, including aid programs. The meeting will be in a hybrid format because only some of the foreign ministers of the 27 countries are in Muscat, while others will communicate via video. Then the Commissioner journeys forward VarheliWhich immediately clashed with Ireland, Spain, Luxembourg and Belgium. Dublin announced that it “does not support” the decision, that “there is no legal basis” and requested clarification from the European Union Commission. Madrid expressed its “discomfort” and “disagreement”.

The European Union has allocated 296 million to support the Palestinian Authority in the 2022 budget. This is not the first time Commissioner Varheli has acted unilaterally. In 2021, he held hostage EU funds intended for the Palestinian Authority, even though 26 of the 27 EU countries (excluding Hungary) opposed this. Budapest objected to anti-Semitic content in textbooks used in the Palestinian territories, on the basis of a 2019 report. At the beginning of last May, Foreign Minister Eli Cohen met with Commissioner Varheli in Brussels, who promised that “the European Union will make sure Not funding Palestinian textbooks that incite against Israel.” But the European Union does not provide the necessary funds to design and print textbooks.

Union is One of the main development partners of Palestine. Brussels planned, before the attack on Israel, to present A Financial support of up to 1.177 billion euros from 2021 to 2024 With the aim – as a statement from the beginning of the year explains – “to establish responsible institutions for the future Palestinian state and support the birth of a self-sufficient economy.”

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This was announced by Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg on Monday morning on public radio Oe1 that “at this moment” Vienna ‘will suspend all development aid payments’Which relates to 19 million euros. Schallenberg also said that Austria will review all projects with the Palestinian territories and consult with the European Union and its international partners. “The scale of the horror is absolutely horrific,” he added. “It is such a big break that we cannot go back to business as usual.”

also The German government decided to suspend it “temporarily.” Development aid for the Palestinian territories awaiting control over its use: 125 million euros from bilateral development cooperation for the Palestinian territories for the current and next year. A spokesman for the German Development Ministry explained, “This means that their wages will not be paid at the present time, during the monitoring phase, but it does not mean that they will be stopped” permanently. Sunday, speaking at SPIEGELDevelopment Minister Svenja Scholz had expected her intention to review the German commitment.

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