Ukraine, Russia and the United States of America: Biden is an equal on the war rope

Ukraine, Russia and the United States of America: Biden is an equal on the war rope

Devastating images from Ukraine, the dilemma of the Hamlets: between aid and penalties or direct collision.
The arrogant message from Russia’s global challenge: Between bombs and culture, Putin in Kyiv, to model the entire Western society.
Brutal warning from loyal ally(s) China: Between doubts and certainties, Beijing with Moscow, from the Eastern Bloc.

Then oil, then gas, then inflation.
And then there pandemic That someone still didn’t seem to want to let go.

This is the spectacle, and objectively it would make anyone’s legs tremble.
Above, hanging in the middle: Joe Biden, tightrope walked on war rope.

Pulled by everyone, from all sides.

Zelensky is almost a man of his own accord, and he certainly can’t leave him alone. But it can’t be too close to himbecause they risk falling into conflict.

The President of the United States must submit to his people, to his party, to the various currents of his party, to the opposition, to friendly countries, to somehow the world and even to history.

After two crazy years, Americans need plenty of reassurance that Biden is on the brink of chaos.

First of all, security, national, but also energy. with the Gas that begin to fly, with Gas But destined to increase, withinflation Who was scary before and who is really scary now.

There is fear for example And in “trivial” quotes, Even for the price of bread.

Overlapping national borders, between local and foreign, according to historical traditions Democrats demand the dignity of both Americans and Ukrainians. Someone is whispering military intervention, the most extreme wing shouts “Peace!” Stop.
Some Republicans also shouted military intervention but Paradoxically, the president’s embarrassment more than his actual interest in a question, in fact, in these latitudes does not warm the hearts of even the right, except for the usual from the usual army “hawks”.

Europe and China are lost to the test.
NATO is nothing more than a tool, the United States must decide how to use it.

It’s already been given a lot of smudges (and expansions), so it’s time to be very careful.

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Meanwhile, there is absolutely no time.
because “Tsar” walks straight with tanks, public opinion is increasingly frightened, and Zelensky’s peer drops water in his throat.

till when?
How many days and how many hours?
How long does Biden stay in equilibrium?
On a rope all this without falling.

Whatever you think: respect, and in some ways even honor One of the most turbulent presidencies ever.

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