May 28, 2023

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Ukraine, Russia and the New York Times: “The United States is also spying on Kiev”

(Adnkronos) – The United States is spying on Russia. But they also spy on Ukraine and its allies. This is the picture The New York Times sets out after the “Leaked Documents” affair, plans by the United States and NATO to help Kiev go viral on social media. The documents will include information regarding the strategy to be adopted in light of the Ukrainian counterattack. Files prepared by various agencies, according to The New York Times, show cracks in a Russian military “struggling at war in Ukraine” that is “in grave danger.” American intelligence “on a daily basis” manages to obtain information about Russian actions, about specific goals: “This intelligence activity allowed the United States to transfer important information to Ukraine” for organizing “defence”. The reports also highlight the difficulties Kiev faces, particularly with regard to munitions used in air defense systems. The documents indicate, according to the newspaper, that the United States “appears to be spying on military and political leaders in Ukraine.” It is “a sign of the difficulties Washington faces in obtaining a clear view of the war strategies in Ukraine.” The New York Times highlights another aspect: publishing classified documents risks complicating relations with intelligence agencies in other countries, which can only now become aware of previously unshared information. Moreover, “the documents can damage diplomatic relations in other ways as well. Newly disclosed intelligence documents show that the United States is not only spying on Russia, but also on its allies,” with particular reference to South Korea. “The Insiders”: However, the influence on public opinion may be more significant. ‚ÄĒinternazionale/[email protected] (web information)

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