USA, Biden secret papers investigation: FBI also searches his Delaware beach house

USA, Biden secret papers investigation: FBI also searches his Delaware beach house

In compliance with standard procedures for Department of JusticeThis is to ensure the safety and security of the process Search conducted without a Notice General We agreed to cooperate.” Bob BauerThe president’s personal attorney said in a statement that the agents From the FBI They searched the beach house Joe Biden to Rehoboth Beachin Delawarein the course of the investigation of docs class. Inspection determined by the attorney to be conducted by the department justice “With the full support and cooperation of the President.”

This is the fourth search for the American president: last January 20, The officers entered a house Biden to Wilmingtonwhere is she Other top secret documents were found, and some handwritten notes were also confiscated. In mid-November, they searched instead Ben Biden Centera think tank where there are lawyers Biden They had found the first set of classified documents from his time as Vice President Barack Obama. The news that the search is only now beginning to emerge, was revealed by three well-informed sources who cited it hv news Which, however, does not specify whether the FBI has found other documents in addition to those found, last November 2, by the President’s staff in one of his former private offices in Washington Then hand it over to Archives Citizens.

the Client federal Did a new search, and they still deliver Sourcesjust to make sure that all Moved secret cards“By mistake,” Dallah says residence white, in the private office of the then-president. there newsletter Of this discovery was kept secret for several months, only coming to light earlier this year. Others since then classified documents Found in a private house of Biden to Wilmington.

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