The place that had been the focus of conflicts in Terrassa was evacuated

The place that had been the focus of conflicts in Terrassa was evacuated

The neighborhood was very tired of the situation, and not just the neighborhood. Battles, FiresAnd more fights, filth and vandalism… A series of conflicting events took place months ago in the Carrer de Sant Gaeta, at the intersection with the Carrer de Cervantes, in the center of the city. terraceInside and outside the illegally occupied business. The municipal police intervened permanently on Thursday. Evacuate the place, close it, and detain an individual.

Security issues

The operation took place on Thursday morning, and ended in the accident Evacuation Six people were arrested and one person was arrested in possession of a subpoena and search warrant. The local authority claims that the occupants caused “security problems and… coexistence“For several months, in addition, there was a risk of structural fire.

In fact, firefighters were forced to intervene on the morning of February 20, due to the burning of a mattress that was already on the public road when emergency services arrived. Building, It is located on the ground floor of a building housing a sports centre And other facilities have been closed. The filth and unsanitary condition inside was evident.

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