Italian Evo Oil arrives in the USA

Italian Evo Oil arrives in the USA

Curtain on the Pizza Sial Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center, one of the premier outdoor events dedicated to food. Which this year saw the participation of Unapol – the national federation of olive producers’ associations among the realities representing the vast Italian food and wine sector.

President Tommaso Ludice, in his role as ambassador of Italy’s precious green gold, extra virgin olive oil, comments with satisfaction: “Touching the eating habits of a population like the American people not only enriches you from an experiential point of view, but helps you understand what is the best way to be decisively present in It is clear that, given the geographical dimensions of the USA and the millions of potential consumers of extra virgin olive oil, the appeal of our Italian product Evo is great, and also because Americans’ perception of food made in Italy is positive.”

Pizza, the queen of the trade event that draws visitors from across America, certainly represents one of the Italian franchises among the most defining of our food and wine culture. So Italy is the great protagonist of the colossal exhibition stand that gathers not only the curious, but importers, buyers, distributors and restaurateurs from all over the world.

“What struck me positively – continues Loiodice – was the registration of commercial interest in our extra virgin olive oil that exceeds generally accepted expectations. The work of educating potential consumers is still in its infancy, but the attraction towards a quality product and the desire to understand its main characteristics is certainly an encouraging sign. It indicates that the US market is ready to invest.”

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On the other hand, if the enthusiasm of buyers and operators in this sector shows great interest in Italian extra virgin olive oil, it is necessary to start effective corrective communication regarding the innumerable news about the strict anti-fraud controls that are being implemented in our country. According to Loiodice, “what is seen is not synonymous with meticulous and meticulous checks, which would give a greater guarantee of product authenticity and quality, but with the checks necessary to counter the large number of frauds associated with Italian products. The result is a loss of confidence in our innocent companies, which deserves instead to make its superiority known in America and the rest of the world.I also believe that government intervention is necessary so that memorandums of understanding are signed in diplomatic and commercial agreements with the United States that prohibit the spread of imitations of our products.This would make it possible to convey confidence to potential consumers who adore our “unique” Made in Italy franchise.

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