Ukraine, “More than 40 explosions in a few hours. We are especially afraid of children”: the story after the attack on the Lugansk kindergarten

tension in Ukraine It is still very high. On the withdrawal of Russian troops stationed on the border The testimonials are contradictory After two days of apparent calm, risk of conflict scary again. But beyond the fear of large scale invasionthe Donbass. In the eastern region for 8 years of the Ukrainian army e Pro-Russian separatists supported by flies They face each other in a conflict that has already caused 14 thousand dead. And that in these hours it is exacerbated severely.

The accusations are mutual and it’s not easy to get rid of media propaganda Used by troops in the field. Donetsk News Agencyone of the main sources of information for the independent republic that has declared independence, reports Damage to two private homes Which could have been exposed this morning by an attack by Kiev forces. The same site announces that landing is imminent, from Azov seaUkrainian amphibious battalion with the intent of entering from the south into the lands held by separatist militias to reclaim lands held by pro-Russians.

But today’s news is there Grenade that struck early in the morning seek refuge From Stansya Luhanska, in the Donbass in the hands of Ukrainian troops. Artillery bombing was a good opportunity on the one hand Lugansk, which together with Donetsk formed another republic that fell in 2014 to separatists. It houses the school building 38 children Several teachers, according to information from local investigators The attack lasted at least half an hour: Three adults were injured and taken to hospitals in the area. Fortunately the young ones survived the shrapnel but had to take shelter in the basement and then were rescued by psychologists from the trauma. as well as for Fropivkain the Ukrainian-controlled Bubanca municipality, “About 10.25 am today Shelling one of the bullets Hitting the high school yard While there were 30 students and 14 employees who “found basement shelterBubanca municipality in Lugansk region said a private house was damaged.

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“The situation is turbulent along the entire demarcation line in the Lugansk region,” asserts A Evgeny Kaplinhead ng brolescaIt is a recognized non-governmental organizationUNHCR, among the first to go to the attack area. “We have been witnessing an escalation for days, residents of many villages today reported the sound of Several heavy weapons. We count More than forty explosions in a few hours. People are very afraid, they hide in basements, in cellars. She is clearly worried but it must be said that she is used to it, because the war, here, has been going on for 8 years even if the situation has not deteriorated much since 2015, when the clashes were at their peak. “.

The NGO also confirms that he was there today Fighting across the front line And the prospects for the next few days are somewhat worrying. “We are especially afraid of childrenWhat happened today shocked them and they are the first victims of this terrible escalation.” Many of the explosions recorded today occurred through the use of Weapons Prohibited by the Minsk Conventions. Between December and January attacks, compared to the same period the previous year, are by 500% The danger is that a wider war between Russia and Ukraine could start here. Among the homes of civilians and children. The large number of refugees who have already fled the Donbass, numbering one million, may increase.

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