The totalitarianism of Europe in the veil. It is a storm over the “Islamic” commercials in the European Union

The totalitarianism of Europe in the veil.  It is a storm over the “Islamic” commercials in the European Union

Few people may have noticed, but the European Youth Year is coming to an end. The aim of this European Year of Youth was to highlight to the entire European Union the importance of its youth in building a better future: greener, more “inclusive” and more digital. A year that ended in style With the launch of the Erasmus 2023 Call And the allocation of a budget of 4.2 billion euros. To celebrate the closing of the European Year of Youth, the European Economic and Social Committee has thought well of posting some thank you videos on social networks imbued with the usual very progressive and politically correct words.

It also reports free, in a video, the Eiffel Tower is the backdrop for a demonstration in which the large sign of Extinction Rebellion — the extreme environmental association — stands out in addition to the usual rainbow and gay flags. The usual progressive and ideological chariot in which the European Union is deeply imbued. in this riot politically correct Very hot, but here and there (at least 6 times) veiled girls appear. But let’s talk about the same European politicians who expressed solidarity with Iranian women Who objected to the obligation to wear the hijab?

Short circuit in the EU on the veil

Recently, last month, the President of the European Commission said, Ursula von der Leyenannounced the decision of the European UnionPunish individuals and entities for their role in the killing of Mohsa Amini and the violence that the Iranian people were subjected to. We stand with the brave women of Iran. Moreover, Iran’s support for the Russian war against Ukraine will receive a clear response from the European Union. Now it is Europe itself that is praising and promoting the veil, at home, in an institutional video.

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After all, this isn’t the first time that Europe has celebrated the veil as a symbol of inclusion and diversity. Last year, the Council of Europe considered it appropriate to launch a media campaign in favor of the freedom to wear the veil, with the aim of “Fighting hate speech against Muslims“with highlighting”The beauty of diversityAnd it received immediate criticism, especially from France, the Council of Europe decided to remove the video, and now the topic has returned to the topic with the video dedicated to young people.


This episode still features conservative MEP Francois-Xavier Bellamy As suggested, last October 6, Modify the ban target European institutions fund campaigns that can “Promoting the hijab“Make advertising so much more.”not justified“, according to the deputy,”At a time when so many women in Iran and around the world are risking their lives, they are being killed because they are resisting the oppression imposed on them.Then he added:The message of Europe cannot be to say to them, Be happy, accept the veilHowever, the Left and the Greens blocked Bellamy’s amendment from voting.accomplices of IslamismThe right-wing deputy was charged.

Sardines on the attack

MEP league, Silvia SardoniAttacks the European Union initiative. in IranAs pointed out in a note, “Women protest to demand freedom and oppose the imposition of the Islamic veil. In Europe, the veil continues to be promoted as a symbol of freedom and diversity. Unbelievable but true! To mark the end of the European Year of Youth, the European Economic and Social Committee has released a video to express thanks. In the video, Islamic veiled girls appear 6 times to testify to the importance of diversity in European youth. Complete ideological nonsense, given that the European Union clearly expresses in words only its closeness to Iranian women who protest against the veil as a tool of oppression.“.

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This is not the first time, MEP confirms: specifically to promote the Year of Youth, among the many images, “Also a veiled woman. Even for the conference on the future of Europe, a girl wearing a headscarf was taken as a witness and portraits of veiled women found space in illustrations on Fundamental Rights in the Union and Diversity Month.We’re at the university, he says.On this point we are very clear: the European Union must stop positively promoting the model of the veiled woman so as not to offend more traditional Muslim societies. It is a mistake for Europe, which must not betray its values ​​and history. At the same time, especially now, making this kind of contact is a real slap in the face for Iranian women who struggle precisely to avoid violence, abuse, and coercion, often specifically associated with the Islamic veil.”.

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