Someone illegally crossed the South Korean border to enter North Korea, which is a rare occurrence

South Korean military authorities said one person Saturday evening passed Illegally, the border that separates the country’s territory from the “demilitarized zone” (DMZ), that is, the strip of land beyond which North Korea lies. It is estimated that more than 30,000 North Koreans have fled their country over the past 30 years to escape poverty and dictatorship and find better living conditions in South Korea, but it is very rare for someone to leave South Korea to go to South Korea. North Korea.

South Korean authorities said the unidentified person was seen around 10.40pm in an area close to the demilitarized zone in the eastern part of the country. They determined that the forces mobilized to locate her were unable to find her and that the North Korean authorities who had warned could not confirm whether they had found her.

It is currently not clear if it was a South Korean person trying to go to North Korea or if it was a North Korean person who wanted to go home after going to South Korea for some reason. It is not even known whether he is alive: very few people have tried to travel between the two countries through the demilitarized zone, a strip about 250 km long and less than 5 km wide, guarded by soldiers on both fronts and where it is located It is estimated that about 2 million mines were found . as pointing to News agencyMost of the North Koreans who have fled to South Korea over the years have fled via China or other countries on the continent.

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Although fighting in the Korean War actually ended in July 1953, the war between the two countries still officially continued. An armistice was reached between North and South Korea, backed by China and the United States respectively, that ended the fighting, but no peace treaty was signed.

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