La Serenala de la Massana Market, four days of fun and luxury

La Serenala de la Massana Market, four days of fun and luxury

The sixth edition of Serenala Market The curtain has been lifted on the best prospects. That is, after six years, it has become a fully unified event, “The country’s summer festival, a place where people come to spend long periods of time, socialize and have fun.”As confirmed by Consul Major Eva Sansa.

The Masan Consul and the Prime Minister, Xavier Spotwas in charge of raising the Serenala flag “which will supervise the Gran Prat for four days to indicate that we are in a space of well-being, gastronomy, concerts and a lot of fun. Specifically, this year’s theme is the game, as can be seen in the decoration and in many of the activities”, explained Sansa to the large audience that attended the opening ceremony.

Minister of Tourism and Trade, Jordi TorresHe pointed out that Serenalla “attracts both the locals and tourists. We collaborate with Andorra Turisme because we consider Serenalla a good product that attracts a type of tourism that comes to enjoy nature and well-being”. Torres stated that Serenalla will serve as a counterpoint to the other event that is also taking place these days in Massana,“Andorra MTB Epic.”

One of the novelties of this edition is that different environments have been created, as visitors spend long periods of time in Serenala and it was necessary to expand the social and picnic areas.

In total there are sixty positions, Between operators of artisanal and antique products, gastronomy, pergolas, and food trucks.

Another important aspect is Serenala’s commitment as a sustainable event, using as many reusable and recyclable materials as possible. In addition, this year there are organic commercial products, with reusable cups and mugs to avoid generating waste.

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As for the activities programme, this year Serenala offers experiences, from forest bathing to yoga sessions or a creative workshop where children will experiment with tissues with their eyes closed.

The distinctive feature of Serenalla is the Agora, for learning and sharing around sustainability, science and culture. The first Agora has become a sustainability workshop on the circular economy, a workshop in charge of FEDA. The first roundtable will take place tomorrow, at 18.30, with a session on sustainable growth. There will also be talks on the limits of Culture, Science, Philosophy, and Self-Knowledge.

The outdoor cinema session and the two parties are back this year: Saturday night, with DJ Lisa Rose, who proposes the Estudi 54 party, and the Serenalla will be closed again by Micky Puig with his wooden track.

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