Baldur’s Gate 3: Larian Studios is afraid to see the game spread due to a lot of bugs

Baldur’s Gate 3: Larian Studios is afraid to see the game spread due to a lot of bugs

Baldur’s Gate 3 It is one of the most popular games of 2023, which is not very surprising given its virtues. However, within Larian Studios, the development studio, there was a certain concern among many Bugs From the game, which according to some was going to lead to a lot Crush it.


He was the one who said that Swain Finky‘, head of Larian Studios, in an interview with the Dungeons & Dragons YouTube channel, where he talks about the fears of the entire team before the launch: ‘We were afraid that they would get a 6/10 or a 7/10, c’ It was bugs, something could happen. What, it might break, everybody would hate it. That’s literally what we thought, even though we knew the content was good.

“That was what we were afraid of, and it’s the thing that scared us the most,” Finke added. “Because it’s a really big game and we knew something could go wrong.”

Larian did not expect that Baldur’s Gate 3 would perform so well and that players would respond so positively: it has become one of the most successful films of 2023 and is considered one of the ideal candidates for the Game of the Year 2023 award, as our review also demonstrates it.

In fact, the bugs caused problems for many other games, such as Cyberpunk 2077 or The Last of Us Part I on PC, although it must be said that those in Baldur’s Gate 3 were generally more tolerable and certainly did not spoil the whole experience. . We talk about them in the past tense because many of them were fixed through various updates published after launch, which made the game much cleaner.

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