Alberto Zamperla, master of flights from the United States to North Korea

Alberto Zamperla, master of flights from the United States to North Korea

In the meantime, the family has also grown with the birth of three children: Antonio, named after the grandfather who founded the company, Alessandro and Adriano. As in many SMEs, Alberto’s wife and brothers are also present in the company. Year after year, the company’s worldwide notoriety grows and proves itself regularly with its rides in IAAPA, the global attraction industry association, the movie equivalent of the Oscars.

The Vicenza-based company has become a real multinational with customers all over the world with exports worth 95% of the revenue, and Alberto Zamperla is always at the forefront, both to test new products with his children as he is to be there when he sees his team of like-minded collaborators Experience implementing theme park attractions around the world.

In 2007 it acquired Minitalia, a historical park for families a few kilometers from Milan, in partnership with the Bergamo-based Thorus Group. Minitalia under the direction of Alberto Zamperla, with the knowledge and creativity of the Veneto team, was reborn after four months of hard work as the Minitalia Leolandia park. “Everything was in very bad shape, the systems were not up to standards, and there had been no maintenance for years. We have restored everything, brought in new attractions, removed architectural barriers »proud and satisfied Alberto Zamperla said. Among the novelties are ten attractions including Tiger Mountain, a modern roller coaster, Cannonball, a ballistic tower that launches visitors into the air and makes them fall to the ground by the force of gravity, Leonardo’s Rapids and Electro Spin, at the time a unique attraction in Italy. On the day Leolandia opened, March 14, 2008, the carousel stopped. Chief Zamperla arrives, takes off his jacket, rolls up his sleeves and begins repairing the mechanisms, passes some tools and, after a few minutes of work, the ride begins again. “Everything is fine,” the group leader said with relief. He felt that Minitalia Leolandia was his creation and wanted it to grow as a theme park for families but also a showroom for the company’s creations. Leolandia works very well, it fills with visitors and restores accounts. After only three years, the Leolandia chapter closes with the transfer of shares to Thorus.

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But Alberto Zamperla is always ready to take on big challenges and wins a bid called by New York City Economic Development to manage much of Coney Island, an amusement park for generations of New Yorkers, in decline and at the center of a major recovery plan wanted by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The rules imposed by the Americans are strict with a deadline that cannot be postponed for opening to the public, the last weekend of May 2010. A great project where all the capabilities of the Vicenza group are deployed in a battle against time.

On the construction site, we work day and night assembling and testing attractions, asphalting areas, training local staff, and the boss is always on the side of his teams. The atmosphere is that of a big family where everyone knows each other, calling each other by name, punctuating Venice in English. A climate you breathe, you experience in a few companies. Like the captain, he supports Alberto Zamperla’s children and supervises the shipyard. On the morning of May 28, Mayor Bloomberg cuts the ribbon and rides, accompanied by Alberto and Antonio Zamperla. In the following years, the group won many Coney Island games, and the rides in Vicenza entertained millions of New Yorkers.

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