American Takeovers: Explosive Debuts for Barbie and Oppenheimer with $70 and $33 Million Friday! | Cinema

American Takeovers: Explosive Debuts for Barbie and Oppenheimer with  and  Million Friday!  |  Cinema

Predictably, the Barbie – Oppenheimer double dominates weekend takings in the US and could score one of the best overall results in recent years at the North American box office (we’re talking over 300 million overall, its best opening weekend since the start of the pandemic and fourth all-time). A real double success that translated into good Friday $70.5 million (including 22.3 million Thursday previews) per Barbie: It’s the fourth best-grossing first since the start of the pandemic, and the best of the year. With a CinemaScore A rating, the movie could easily pass $160 million in three days, even aiming for $170 million.

with regard to OppenheimerWell, the Christopher Nolan movie has collected 33 million dollars Friday (including 10.5 million Thursday previews), the best debut ever for an R-rated movie since the start of the pandemic. At this point, a weekend of around $80 million, which is more cinematic behavior than a 3-hour biopic for adults, can’t be ruled out.

If so, it would be the first time in history that a 100 million-plus film and 50 million others have appeared.

as well as for international level Things are going very well for both films. Barbie And, between Wednesday and Thursday, it has already raised $41 million in 51 regions. On Friday it also released in China and the UK: in the first territory it created no particular confusion, grossing $1.2m, while in England it exploded with $8.2m (their best debut since). Avengers: Endgame). Oppenheimer Instead, it made $15.9 million between Wednesday and Thursday in 57 territories, breaking several Christopher Nolan movie records.

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Returning to Friday’s data in the US, we find the third position Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning – Part 1Which loses all the IMAX theaters (Oppenheimer has three weeks of exclusives) and with them also a good chunk of the takeovers: with $5.6 million, that brings its total to $104 million. It is expected to raise between $20 and $24 million in the three days.


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