Ukraine, live coverage – Intense Russian raids on the capital, Kiev responds with new attacks on Belgorod. Prigozhin against Putin: “If you start a war, you must have a character”

Ukraine, live coverage – Intense Russian raids on the capital, Kiev responds with new attacks on Belgorod.  Prigozhin against Putin: “If you start a war, you must have a character”

Kosovo and Lavrov: The situation in the north is worrisome and the danger of an explosion in the heart of Europe.

An explosive situation is developing in the heart of Europe child launch an attack against Yugoslavia In the 1999in violation of any principle of final law of Helsinki and any other OSCE document,” the Russian foreign minister denounced, Sergey Lavrov, talking about northern Kosovo. Kosovo police intervened after local residents tried to block the arrival of new mayors, elected by a minority, in the towns of Zvecan, Leposavic and Zubin Potok, as the Serb majority boycotted local elections last April. It is an alarming situation. “The West submits to anyone who expresses its opinion,” Lavrov added.

Kyiv: 11 Russian missiles shot down

Ukrainian forces accuse the Russians of “attacking Kiev with ballistic and cruise missiles,” and say they shot them down 11 missiles It set off from Russia towards the Ukrainian capital. According to the Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Gen Valery ZaluzhnyOn May 29, the Russians attacked Kiev and the Kiev region with 11 missiles (Iskander-K and Iskander-M). They were all shot down. Excellent work of the Ukrainian Air Defense,” reads a tweet from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

A Russian hypersonic missile over the Kharkiv region: 7 wounded

The Russians fired an Iskander missile at the settlement of Kovcharovka in the Kharkiv region, injuring three elderly women, a pregnant woman and two children. This was reported by Kharkiv Governor Oleg Sinigubov on social media.

Large-scale Ukrainian attacks in the Russian Belgorod region

Large-scale Ukrainian shelling began this morning on Chebykino and some nearby villages in the Russian province of Belgorod. Several eyewitnesses reported to Russian Telegram channels, that these attacks are considered unprecedented. Well-known Ukrainian dissident Anatoly Shary speaks of “devastating” attacks on local infrastructure. The town of Chepkino, near the Ukrainian border, was bombed over the weekend, killing one civilian and injuring three, including a 15-year-old girl. This was reported by RIA Novosti. Residents of Chebykino, the villages of Murom and Novaya Tavolganka this morning at 10 o’clock local time received a new alert via text message inviting them to take refuge in the underground rooms. Shortly thereafter, Ukrainian artillery fire resumed.

An air warning was heard in Kiev, explosions rang out

After tonight’s attack, New powerful explosions They were warned in Kiev, where the air raid alert went off around 11 local time (10 in Italy). The city authorities reported that air defense was operating.

Kiev: “We need at least 3 squadrons of F16s with 12-16 fighters”

to get air supremacy About the Russian enemy, L.NUkraine needs at least 3-4 air squadrons equipped with 12-16 American F-16 fighters. All: the estimate was made by the commander of the Kiev Air Force, Gen. Sergey Golubtsov in an interview with Liberty Radio according toUkraineska Pravda. If we understand that the enemy uses 50 air squadrons operating from 39 airfields against us, we will, of course, be forced to demand more. But with at least 3 or 4 squadrons, I think that in some quarters we can achieve air superiority, forcing the enemy to completely abandon the raids that they are now making in that quarter, – said Golubtsov. “At the same time, to plan a strike and destroy (…) it is worth talking about at least 12-16 aircraft (F-16) per squadron.”
And the commander of the Ukrainian Air Force added that “the enemy in the air no longer has any tactical or operational superiority, because Ukraine has received very powerful assistance from partner countries: radar stations for detection and control, anti-aircraft missile systems, and everyone is there to see how these systems work and the ratio Targets (Russian missiles and drones) hit.

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Kiev, 37 cruise missiles and 29 Russian drones shot down at night

Armed forces of Ukraine intercepted 37 cruise missiles and 29 Russian drones On its territory launched a new wave of air strikes last night. This was stated by the Chief of the Ukrainian Staff, Valery Zologny, on his Telegram account. “Overnight, the occupiers attacked military positions and some basic infrastructure of Ukraine,” he wrote, “launching 40 cruise missiles” from aircraft from the Caspian Sea, and “about 35 drones.”

Prigozhin returns to challenge Putin: “You need a figure of steel in war”

“If you start a war, please fatherI am personality, will and balls of steel. Only then will you be able to achieve something.” Thus, Wagner’s leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin, would comment with a journalist on Moscow’s ban on Russian media from talking about the mercenary group he founded. Written by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) in its latest analysis of the conflict, which came In it, the leader of Wagner was addressing the Russian president. Russian President Vladimir Putin Even without naming it. According to Prigozhin, the official would stop lying if bridges, new buildings, and metro stations had already been built. The American think tank said his comments “may have been aimed at Putin, whom Russian state media has routinely portrayed as a leader who is meticulously involved in small infrastructure projects and in the lives of ordinary Russian people.” According to the ISW, his criticism could be a result of him not giving Putin the promised reward for the conquest of Bakhmut, the months-besieged city in eastern Ukraine.

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16,226 children were deported to Russia, only 300 returned.

According to the Ukrainian government, since the beginning of the Russian invasion A total of 16,226 Ukrainian children have been deported to Russiaonly 300 of them have been repatriated to their families or in any case repatriated, while the number of those identified has reached 10,513. He writes it guardian, which today devotes a report to this story, which describes the fear revealed by some of the young victims of these deportations who were sent back to Ukraine. The article also talks about Russian families who tried to hide the existence of a Ukrainian child so that it would not be taken away, at the risk of losing government benefits.

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