Ukraine and Zelensky on US TV: “Putin is evil, and Ukraine is the defensive perimeter of the world”

Ukraine and Zelensky on US TV: “Putin is evil, and Ukraine is the defensive perimeter of the world”

“God is on our side”, “Putin and Russia represent the dark force”, “Ukraine is the defensive perimeter of the whole world”.

In a long interview with American television, Volodymyr Zelensky River Flood.

Self-confident, almost despised, but Grateful to the West for its arms and for dealing with gas and oil. Even if, according to him, it is not enough yet.

Communications from the Ukrainian president, as always, are very clear: Not only is the fate of his country at stake, but the threat extends to all of the former Soviet Union as well as the European Union and NATO as a whole..

In short, there is a file futureexist democracyexist Freedom.

In America distracted by other weapons and other dramaRead with a broken heart in the voice “Ovald Texas”the message is still retained by some Democrats and Republicans.
Because Zelensky’s words, despite his geographic remoteness and people, are based on the foundational values ​​of American society itself. This makes them feel that they are theirs. Neighbors actually.

Solidarity is awesome, while on the flip side it’s the perfect villain in quotes.

Putin is almost isolatedscanning for the camera in his usual green military uniform.

But the world continues to give it a chance because sanctions are not fully imposed.”shaking his head as if to say “I don’t understand”, as if pointing to who is wrong and that’s it.

From Kyiv, he finally emphasized how dire the situation is in the rest of Ukraine:

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“Everything in the south and east is very difficult. Between Donetsk and Luhansk, we lose 60-100 soldiers a day and about 500 wounded in the fighting“.

Obviously we can’t go on like this, “But we will never give up.”insists proudly.

They can keep dropping bombs on us, but what will they get?
Nothing: we are the defensive periphery of the world.”


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