How to Save Money as a Student: 5 Tips for Life

Every student dreams of not needing money, to afford to buy the most fashionable gadgets, clothes, accessories, etc. Young people need money much more than the older generation. They want to invite their girlfriend to a beautiful place and give her an expensive present. They want to gamble and deposit more to get a CasinoChan bonus. Friends always invite you to cool places that require a big purse.


But all of this doesn’t help to save money. What does a student need to save money for? How does a student save money? And how to properly manage it? 

Plan Your Expenses

Calculate your living wage. Students can usually count on meals at home, where parents are willing to feed their child after the school day. So if you eat a hearty breakfast at home and a full dinner, you won’t have to spend money on cakes at university. You can also carry sandwiches from home, or a full lunch in lunchboxes. This way, you can get to zero in on food expenses.

Plan Fun Activities and Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Usually a person already knows a month in advance where they will be invited to the party and when there will be gatherings with friends. Allocate a small amount of money, so as not to be a “white sheep” and pay for themselves. But don’t be glamorous. When you can afford not to spend, do so. You also need to be thoughtful about choosing a gift for the future birthday people, or agree with the company to chip in a small amount. That way you can save your money.

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Try to Find Alternatives to Expensive Purchases

You can not buy an expensive smartphone, but buy a lighter version for half the price. Thus, you will always be able to find a suitable option on the Internet for a small cost.

Always Look for Discounts and Promotions

For example, if you need sneakers from a certain company, look for promotions or discounts on the suppliers’ websites. They usually set prices lower than the manufacturer itself. Or go to the official website of the company. Perhaps here you will find a great offer to buy a sneaker much cheaper. You can also go shopping. Sometimes there are promotions selling the last pairs of shoes with a huge discount.

Try to Save at Least a Certain Amount

For example, if you decide to set aside $200 each month, then you need to accumulate at least that amount. Only this way will you be able to plan exactly how much you can spend each day. If you can set aside more, it will only be for the best. However, if you don’t manage to accumulate a certain amount in one month, you’ll need to include the shortfall in the next month’s total.


You need to get used to always keeping your finances under control. This will help you always save on unnecessary purchases, as well as always multiply your profits.

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