Ukraine and the US Change Perspective: “Weakening Russia”, Is Peace No Longer a Goal?

Ukraine and the US Change Perspective: “Weakening Russia”, Is Peace No Longer a Goal?

Peace is no longer a goal.

Of course, it is not for Russia that this war started.

But judging by recent statements, not even for the United States That changed the record, tone, and objectivity drastically, in fact.

Speak very clearly Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin:

We want to see Russia weaken.”

It explains better:

“So weak that it can never do what it did by invading Ukraine.”

An output that in some respects may appear normal, even ordinary.
An exit which, on the other hand, in the wise, by definition polished language of global diplomacy, is the exact opposite of prudent and represents A type of rock intended to be buriedone way or another, finally, No idea of ​​peace.

To put it the American way, in a nutshell: change the Goal.

“We want Ukraine to win”. Which, translated into other words, means “We want Russia to lose”. Let it come out in pieces.

ribbon Moscow disaster That is, it rises to ‘Strategic failure’which is another expression used publicly by a spokesperson for the National Security Council in Washington.

From sanctions to defensive weapons to heavy weapons.
Everything goes in one direction, which is the opposite direction to the direction of peace.


Biden has no intention of returning And although he does not want (to allow) to hear about direct intervention, he is already interfering indirectly. While It is pushing the entire European bloc to do the sameDespite the resistance interested in the economies of both France and Germany.

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Failed and neutralized.
This is how the White House and NATO want Russia
With communication with Finland and Sweden.

In the meantime, no one is listening to that anymore Antonio GuterresSecretary-General of these The United Nations that ended up being the background to this whole issue. This actually causes in Zelensky So a little upset why Now the only way is engagement, it’s victory and that’s it.

Peace is no longer a goal.
One wonders if, at least for one of the parties involved, it did.

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