June 6, 2023

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Orsini to Kartabianka: “If Russia strikes NATO, Italy will declare itself on the neutral side”

“If Russia does indeed strike one of the NATO countries, then Italy must declare neutrality, and if international circumstances dictate it, the process of withdrawing from NATO must begin.” Professor Alessandro Orsini expresses himself in Kartabianca about the position Italy should take if Russia – in a war with Ukraine – strikes a NATO country.

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“We Italians can’t follow these crazy idiots. Today we face the rebellion of the elites against the masses and we pursue interests contrary to the interests of the masses. The Pope is right, we are in the hands of a bunch of lunatics. Putin, as he despised Biden and Johnson, they are waging war on the skin of the Ukrainians and risking our leadership. to a world war,” says Professor of Sociology in International Terrorism.

There is talk of Ukrainian resistance, a topic many linked on April 25 in Italy. “If we compare the Ukrainian resistance with the resistance of the guerrillas in Italy, we need very strong reasons not to compare with the fighters” also “what the Taliban did against the United States. If the principle is that all those who resist the foreign occupier like the Italian revolutionaries, then even the Taliban who They resisted the American invasion, they are like revolutionaries.”

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