USA, Trump attacks woman who accuses him of rape: “She is mentally ill. Not my type”

USA, Trump attacks woman who accuses him of rape: “She is mentally ill. Not my type”

A mentally ill liar who went so far as to say she enjoyed being raped. These are some of the statements made by Donald Trump during his sworn statement on the allegations made against him by E. Jean Carroll, the writer and journalist who accused him of raping her in the dressing room of a luxury Manhattan department store thirty ‘ years ago.

In testimony dated last October and partially made public, Trump maintains that he does not know Carroll and accuses her of making up the rape story. “I don’t know her. I think she’s sick and mentally ill,” said the former president, going so far as to say that Carol during an interview with CNN She stated that she enjoyed being sexually assaulted.

The woman sued the businessman twice: once for defamation in relation to her sentence, including “she’s not my type.” the other to violence. At first, the former US president defended himself by saying that he said that sentence because he felt “offended by this woman’s lies.” “He abused – specified – that he can invent a story out of something that has no basis.”
The second complaint, of rape, was made possible by a law New York state passed in recent months that gives victims of violence a year to seek justice. Trump’s attorney, Alina Hababa, said she would appeal to the judge over the failure to leak the testimony and the dismissal of the complaint. However, the judge denied both requests, ruling that some portions of the sworn testimony could be made public.

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