Ukraine and the United States move their embassy to Lviv: “Russia is speeding up the deployment of its forces.” CNN: “Wednesday attack, Zelensky reported.” Biden Johnson: “Reduce dependence on Russian gas to strike Moscow”

over there Ukrainian crisis Live another day of Diplomatic activity and alarms, with the allegations And counter-accusations, today, Monday, according to what he reported sources of intelligence Americans, opens the week that may lead to an attack Russia. even while bilateral In search of dialogue, with weak sided openings fliesCountries Boy However, they prepare themselves for worst case scenario. US Secretary of State, Anthony BlinkenAnnouncing the temporary move for the entiretyAmerican embassy From Kiev to groupthen to the west, warns of a “big acceleration” In the deployment of Russian forces on the border withUkraineHe called on “all Americans who are still in Ukraine to leave the country immediately.” But a Pentagon spokesman John Kirby He specified that he did not believe Russia had “already made a final decision” on the possible attack, reiterating that amilitary action it’s possible “At what time”. The chief of the Pentagon Lloyd Austin Will be in Europe from Tuesday, the visitor Brusselsin a Poland and in Lithuania.

Russian moves, according to American media Intnato, according to CBSSome Russian forces near the Ukrainian border began to move in “Attack sites” Moscow has transferred part oflong range artillery in a Photography site. The alert that goes hand in hand with what was announced by CNN In the evening: the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky It is learned that the day of the Russian attack will be Wednesday, February 16. “Zelensky announced that this date will be “Day of Unity”. Nobody fears us great war Once again, we set the date of the military invasion,” he said, referring to what was leaked from American intelligence sources. “This is not the first time. But our state today is stronger than ever. “We strive to get Hello And we want to solve all problems exclusively through Negotiation and diplomacy,” the Ukrainian president added, calling on people to hang “national flags” and wear “blue-yellow ribbons,” so that “we will show the world our unity.” While the NATO Secretary General, Jens StoltenbergHe stressed that NATO “remains ready to commit to a dialogue Useful with Russia “and that” is the best way to show its willingness to do so peaceful solution He is working to de-escalate the situation and withdraw the forces that now threaten Ukraine.”

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A phone call from Biden-Johnson. On a Monday evening marked by bilateralism, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson And the President of the United States Joe Biden Agreed on that “keep a chance” To solve the crisis in Ukraine “by diplomacy,” he said Downing Street After the phone call between the two leaders who agreed that the “Western powers” should remain Autism In the face of Russian threats, including by imposing a large package of Penalties If Russian aggression increases.” They also emphasized the need for European countries to “reduce their dependence on Russian gas, a move that would, more than any other, strike Moscow’s strategic interests to the core. “We are onthe edge of the abyssbut there is still time for President Putin to step back,” the British prime minister wrote on Twitter, again appealing to all parties “to start a dialogue” And why Moscow avoids “what could be Fatal error for Russia.”

Schultz: “Kiev’s accession to NATO is not on the agenda” – In the previous hours there was Germany To issue another warning a flieswhile theUkraine He returned to ask for annexation to Boy Which may cause conflict. The story of Kiev’s entry into NATO, which ‘It’s not an agenda’ According to Berlin. The crisis between the country of President Zelensky and the head of the Kremlin, Russian President Vladimir Putinin what increasingly resembles the mass hysteria of world leaders, between conflicting statementsAnd changes in attitudes and dialogue that did not start. The day started with bilateral Kiev among the German chancellor, Olaf SchulzeAnd Zelensky himself. I returned to the promise that no attack before Russia It will lead to “severe sanctions that we have carefully prepared and can implement at any time”, while his counterpart returns to say that joining NATO “We guarantee our safety”noting that “Ukraine’s security exists safety From Europe.” To these words, from Moscow, comes the indirect response from Putin who once again condemns the expansion to the east of NATO, defining. “Infinite and Dangerous”. But Schultz said the question of Ukraine’s accession to NATO is currently “not on the agenda”, believing it strange for Russia to act as if it were.

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Lavrov: There are chances of an agreement – Putin’s words weaken what seemed to be an opening to the foreign minister’s dialogue, Sergey Lavrovwho spoke directly with the Russian President in a televised interview, said that they are there “Coincidence” to find an agreement with the ‘West On Ukraine: “As foreign minister, I must say that there is always an opportunity to solve problems that need to be resolved,” he said, adding that opportunities for dialogue “have not been exhausted.” Today and tomorrow will have this opportunity for the German chancellor who will take part in the most anticipated meeting on Tuesday, the meeting flies With Putin: a bilateralism of paramount importance given that these two countries line up on opposing fronts but maintain that Close business relations Economic and participation in the pipeline project Nord Stream 2whose station has been in use since then Atlantic block As possible retaliation in the event of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. But Schulze said that “a new one military aggression It will have dire consequences for Russia.”

European Union fears of “cheating” Moscow – L ‘European UnionAccording to anonymous sources close to the file citing the latest file updates intelligenceit is speculated that the impending invasion could only be one Trick From Moscow to increase pressure on the Western bloc: “We see that there are no indications of this.” calm down. But we do not know whether Russia has actually made the decision or whether Moscow is cheating,” they said, explaining that the union “must remain fully committed to pursuing diplomatic effort Although we know it’s hard.” Brussels However, I went to work in the event of an invasion and refugee flows From Ukraine, prepare a plan Dedicated Also to help first access countries. “We are working to support the union on the border with Ukraine and I urge everyone to be there symbiosis by the member states.

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Di Maio leaves for Kiev. And Lavrov will see – Even the foreign minister Luigi Di Maio On Tuesday, he is scheduled to travel to Kiev in an attempt to achieve Italy’s contribution to de-escalation Wednesday He will see Lavrov as announced by his Russian counterpart himself. Despite warnings of a possible imminent attack, the Farnesina It makes it known that “we can’t give up on a extreme attempt To understand whether political and diplomatic negotiations can still avoid the extensive use of weapons,” according to reports Republic. The President of Farnesina has been following the development of the crisis for days with his main assistants: the Secretary-General of the Ministry, the Prime Minister, and the directors of political affairs are in constant contact with American colleagues And Europeans to update their assessments.

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