Ukraine: Moscow announces a humanitarian corridor for civilians inside Azot-Mundu

Ukraine: Moscow announces a humanitarian corridor for civilians inside Azot-Mundu

Moscow announced the opening of a humanitarian corridor tomorrow for civilian refugees inside the Azot chemical plant in Severodonetsk. TASS reports. Russia called on the fighters at the facility to release the civilians and lay down their weapons.

In the shelters of the Azot Chemical Plant in Severodonetsk and under constant attack by Russian raids, “there are still 540-560 civilians.”. This was confirmed by the head of the city’s military and civil administration, Oleksandr Stryuk, on Telegram, according to reports from Ukraine. Stryuk added that there was ongoing fighting and attempted assault at the site.

Ukraine, Zelensky: The horrific human cost of the Battle of Severodonetsk

Ukrainian authorities claim to have found one Mass grave with civilian bodies near Bucha, in the Kyiv region. According to the local police, the bodies of seven civilians were found near the village of Mirotsky, many of them “handcuffed and with gunshot wounds to the knees,” local police chief Andrei Nebitov was quoted by the Guardian as saying. He confirmed in a statement that the bodies that were found were tortured. Identification processes are in progress. The Ukrainian National Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that the investigation of war crimes.

Ramstein-3 must be the day when understanding the importance of force in achieving peace and building a new world order replaces the desire for compromise with those who resort to violence: more heavy weapons and operational training for our armed forces. Andrei Yermak, Chief of Staff of President Volodymyr Zelensky, writes on Twitter on the eve of the meeting in Brussels the US-led “Ukraine Association”, also known as the “Ramstein Group”. Yermak concludes with the publication of the Ukrainian flag “in a special senju” (“With this banner you will win”).

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Ukraine, a missile attack in Dopropilia destroyed some houses

Pope’s warning – The Pope returns to talking about the war in Ukraine and refers to the presence of a “great power” that wants to impose his will. “The war in Ukraine has come to add to the regional wars that have claimed death and destruction in recent years. But the picture here is more complicated by the direct intervention of a ‘great power’ – emphasizes the Pope in the message addressed to the Day of the Poor – who intends to impose his will against the principle of self-determination of peoples The tragic scenes of memory are repeated and once again the mutual blackmail of some powerful covers the voice of humanity calling for peace.”

Clarification from the European Union – “The European Commission didn’t decide anything yesterday, just held an orientation discussion to allow faculty members to share their views and the decision will be made on Friday.” This was stated by a spokesperson for the European Union Commission regarding its assessment of whether or not the Council should recommend granting Ukraine the status of a candidate country to join the European Union.

From Ukraine there are still no indications of the details of grain exports or anything else you want to export. This was stated by the Kremlin, citing TASS.

Moscow is ready to consider investigating convicted British mercenaries in the (self-proclaimed) Donetsk Republic if London submits a request. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said this, adding that London had not asked Moscow for help in this matter. TASS quoted that Britain should contact the Donetsk Republic about the fate of its citizens sentenced to death.

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