Ukraine and Russia withdraw some military forces from the border. For Moscow, this is a “Western failure”, but it speaks of a first understanding. Kiev: “avoid escalation”

Ukraine and Russia withdraw some military forces from the border.  For Moscow, this is a “Western failure”, but it speaks of a first understanding.  Kiev: “avoid escalation”

Russia’s decision withdraw part of the forces Engaging in military exercises on the border with Ukraine could represent the first major breakthrough for a peaceful solution Ukrainian crisis. The Moscow Defense Ministry has already announced that some forces, once the operations are over, They will return to base today. “Units of the Southern and Western Military Districts, which have finished their tasks, have already begun to load rail and road transport and will today begin to return to their bases – reads the Major General Igor KonashenkovSpokesman for the Ministry of Defense – With the procedures for combat training coming to an end, the troops, as always, will organize joint marches to their permanent bases. ” The news immediately spread in the two chancellors and the first pronouncements of victory arrived. Ukraine, through its foreign minister, Dmitro KolebaThe author of the de-escalation decision claims: “With our partners,” that is, the Western countries, “we were able to Prevent any new escalation from Russia.” While a spokesman for the Moscow Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharovastates: “The date of February 15, 2022 will go down in history as a day The failure of war propaganda by the West. Shame and annihilation without firing a single shot.” ​​The Kremlin increases the dose: “The withdrawal of Western diplomats is a withdrawal Show and meaningless hysteriaThe spokesperson said Dmitriy Peskov. NATO Secretary General, Jens StoltenbergHowever, he says there is no evidence even of a partial withdrawal: “There are no indications on the ground that Russia will reduce the number of its forces on Ukraine’s borders,” adding that “there are indications from Moscow that diplomacy should continue and this matters to one.” Cautious optimism“.

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It is a move by Moscow that can be linked to the responses received by Washington regarding Moscow’s security demands. Minister of Foreign Affairs , Sergey Lavrovin fact announced that the United States and NATO have given one A “positive” response to “some Russian initiatives” “On security” that was “rejected for a long time”: “The West finally responded, when it realized that we were seriously discussing the need for radical changes in the security sphere – he explained – its response was positive in relation to some initiatives that it had long rejected.”

over there always but keep going territorial claims employment rebellious republics On Ukrainian territory. Deputies of the lower branch of the Russian parliament approved President Putin’s appeal to Moscow to recognize the self-proclaimed separatist republics. Donetsk And Lugansk. write this decision medusa, provides for the appeal to be sent directly to the Russian President. 351 deputies voted in favour, against 16, and one abstained.

But Ukraine does not apply media and diplomatic pressure on Moscow, and Russia demands it Withdraw all your forces from the borderKuleba said. “We have a rule: Don’t believe what you hear, The truth of what you see“He told reporters. When we see a withdrawal, we will believe in de-escalation.” Today only Germanythrough the Minister of Foreign Affairs Annala BarbukAsked Russia From pull out the armies Counsellor’s Day Olaf Schulze In Moscow to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. “The situation is particularly dangerous and could escalate at any moment, and we must use all opportunities for dialogue to reach a peaceful solution,” Barbock said in a statement. Responsibility for calm It is clear that it is from the Russian side and it is up to Moscow to withdraw its forces.” At the end of the Putin-Schulz talks, a press conference is scheduled: the chancellor on Monday He had met the head of the Kiev government Volodymyr ZelenskyAnd He expected that he wanted to convince his Russian colleague of the necessity of Reduce military tensionsWhile warning him at the same time that the United States and the European Union are ready to impose severe economic sanctions in the event of an invasion.

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Putin has not yet decided whether to invade or not, but the invasion is still on very likelyHe stressed that “the Russian forces are able to attack” in an instant. Sky News British Foreign Minister les trussThe head of the Kremlin urged “to step back from the abyss”. From Moscow they respond by informing us that “Preparation the answers From Russia to the US and NATO proposals on security guarantees in their final stage”, after Lavrov told Putin the “complete chronology of events”: Lavrov’s spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, quoted it. Meanwhile, the Russian ambassador to CanadaOleg Stepanov, attacked the decision of the Ottawa government to arm Ukraine: “Any supply of arms to a country suffering from an unresolved internal armed conflict is unacceptable. This is does not bring peace It only prolongs and exacerbates the fratricidal conflict in Ukraine,” he said, warning that “by providing arms, Western countries are pushing the Kiev regime to continue war against their own peopleWhile, on Twitter, Zelensky thanked the United States and Canada for his country’s support, noting in particular the “one billion and three billion financial support available for projects in Ukraine” by Washington and the “additional financial assistance package in between one billion dollars” from Ottawa.

From New York, Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio GuterresHe said he was “very worried about growing tensions and growing speculation about a possible military conflict in Europe. It will be the price of human suffering, destruction and damage to European and global security very high‘, he asserted, emphasizing that ‘we cannot even accept the possibility of Such a disastrous confrontationOn Monday, Guterres said he spoke to and reiterated to the foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine There is no substitute for diplomacyHe called for intensifying diplomatic efforts and providing the support of the United Nations. “I have made my good offices available: We will not leave will spare no effort in search of a peaceful solution.

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