Ukraine and Russia arrest General Surovkin. Activating “sleeping” spies

Ukraine and Russia arrest General Surovkin.  Activating “sleeping” spies

General Sergei Surovikin, who leads the military’s special operation in Ukraine, has been removed from his post and is said to be “under a kind of house arrest,” meaning he can’t leave his apartment but can receive visitors, writes a blog of the VChK- OGPU considered close to Russia’s security forces. . Known as ‘General Armageddon’, Surovikin is considered close to Yevgeny Prigozhin Indeed, last month, rumors of his arrest spread. According to some rumors, he knew about the rebellion of the leader of Wagner. Former general and now deputy Viktor Sobolev announced that Surovkin had been removed from office. But he could be brought back for other missions in the future.

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Meanwhile, according to The Guardian, Moscow began resorting to sleeper cells implanted in Western countries Or to unofficial agents and agents, people of third or “illegal” nationalities, Russians posing as such have spent years building a cover for themselves without doing any intelligence work for years. “Illegals” are a legacy of a Soviet program dating back to the Cold War. But to prove its “revival”, no fewer than seven alleged illegal immigrants were arrested in the last year alone in Norway, Brazil, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Greece. Some managed to escape, possibly to Russia, others are still under arrest in the West.

A return to more dangerous and less easy methods of espionage was forced by the expulsion, in the first three months of the war alone, of a total of 450 diplomats from Western countries, many of whom were secret agents of the FSB, GRU and Sver diplomats. Even the possibility of passing clients such as tourists and businessmen has faded in the face of the tightening of visas. Bellingcat’s investigative work in the aftermath of the 2018 poisoning of Sergei Skripal in Salisbury also had several campaigners blown up, whose passport numbers were close to those of clients sent to England by the novichok and disclosed.

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In Great Britain, three alleged spies of Bulgarian nationality were arrested last February along with two other people, two months after the arrest of “Maria Meyer”, the owner of an art gallery in Ljubljana, and “Ludwig Gish”, two Russian workers in the SVR (intelligence service). foreigner) disguised as Argentines. The trial of the three will begin in January.

They were joined by a Greek-Mexican photographer with a yarn shop in Athens. A security guard at the British Embassy in Berlin was sentenced to 13 years in prison after being accused of carrying out various tasks for Russian intelligence.

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