Tesla: The largest US power grid was born

Tesla: The largest US power grid was born

By hearing it repeated to Elon Musk so far we get it: Tesla It is much more than a “simple” automaker. Although it remains the core business of its business, the company has other interests to grow, in addition to highly ambitious projects, reflecting the CEO’s volcanic personality. The company is currently working on an investigation The largest power station in the United States. Once general exercises are completed in California and Texas—the past (Palo Alto) and current location of headquarters, respectively—expansion is under way into the rest of the federal states.

In this case, it has begun to expand onNortheast region, in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. To prove itself up to the task, Tesla relies on the latest technologies introduced, such as Powerwalls (so far more than 500,000 on an international scale) to make them interact with each other. The system, developed by the same company, is capable of harvesting energy, on par with solar roofs and other systems.

The stocking process has been tested in the field, in an effort to determine whether or not there is suitability for its use. Well, the answers obtained met the upper echelons perfectly, from every point of view. Given the ambitious scope of the project, it was not known whether the idea would lead to the desired results.

Tesla builds the largest power grid in the United States

Now, however, the doubts are finally fading away, in order to push for broadening horizons towards other areas. Musk plans to create clean energy ecosystem And step by step, the started program succeeds. In the northeast part, Tesla gave birth to the new software ConnectedSolutionsIn partnership with EnergyHub, a company specialized in managing the main activities related to the sale of electricity and natural gas.

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