Covid, the dramatic situation in China: 248 million cases in 20 days

Covid, the dramatic situation in China: 248 million cases in 20 days

Roughly one in five Chinese will have a cI contracted Covid-19 In the first 20 days of Decemberafter the cancellation of the extraordinary measures decided by the Beijing regime: approx 248 million people, which is 18% of the population. In a closed meeting of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Deputy Director Sun Yang reportedly laid out the situation with dramatic numbers: In just one day, last Tuesday, 37 million people could have been infected.

The figures, given in the minutes of the meeting, are in stark contrast to the controversial official figures, which recorded a few thousand cases per day: the National Health Commission reported only 62,592 symptomatic cases in the same period, with only eight deaths. China has stopped disclosing the total number of infectionsafter the authorities shut down the widespread network of mandatory Covid tests, after abandoning the “Zero Covid” policy, which was overshadowed by citizens’ protests against strict mass lockdowns.

China is in the grip of covid

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The virus’s prevalence rate is still increasing, and more than half of the population in Beijing and Sichuan may have already been infected. Hospitals in major cities are overwhelmed with admissions. Crematoria are also in crisis.

According to Chen Chen, chief economist at consulting firm MetroDataTech, the surge will peak by the end of January in most cities.

However, the epidemic is spreading from urban centers to rural areas in China, where the health system is more fragile. Several statistical models, including one co-funded by the CDC in China, predict this The country could record up to 1 million deaths from Covid during the epidemic wave.

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