It happened today, September 5th: Marchionne invests in Mirafiori, Russia’s historic G20

It happened today, September 5th: Marchionne invests in Mirafiori, Russia’s historic G20

Sunday 5 September 1993 AD
sign between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization. Arafat gave an interview to Israeli television and described the peace process as “irreversible”. And in Tel Aviv, 150,000 according to the organizers, and 50,000 according to the police, filled King of Israel Square to say hello. also King Hussein of Jordan He gave the green light to the deal. The leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, George Habash, who is in exile in Damascus, condemned the agreement between the PLO and Israel, arguing that the intifada must continue.
at the symposium Ambrosetti The most listened speaker was the theoretician of the League Gianfranco Miglio. He considers that, in order to overcome corruption, it is necessary to give powers to the provinces, because the small assemblies are controlled by public opinion, while the citizens do not control the parliamentarians: “Within thirty years all the states will have a federal structure. I won’t be there anymore. But it will be as I say.” Ralph Dahrendorf himself, who is also a guest on Cernobbio He hopes for a federal Italy: “There is a tendency all over the world to organize into smaller areas. There are no great national battles. Moreover, it seems to me that the Northern League itself is more intent on ruling Milan than dividing the country.
Christian Democrats under the age of 30, during a poll organized at the Sipaloni Friendship Festival, prefer to keep the old name: 53.4% ​​chose the old abbreviation, and 46.6% for the People’s Party.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013
The first day of the historic G20 meeting, which is being held for the first time in Russia, in St. Petersburg. A violent clash between the American president Barack Obama and Russian Russian President Vladimir Putin. Obama asked other leaders to support military action, but Putin opposed any action.
The government was beaten in the Senate by a motion by the Northern League which proposed a one-year moratorium on new physical and online gambling centres, after this vote Undersecretary Alberto Giorgetti tendered his resignation. It was a chaotic day on this issue: the 5-Star Movement proposed instead canceling the 75% discount decided by the government on fines imposed on merchants, who instead of 2.5 billion will have to pay 618 million (this case is reminiscent of one of the biggest fines) for hoaxes that It spread across the internet in recent years, according to which game franchise owners enjoyed a $98 billion amnesty, the first calculation by the Court of Accounts, but when it issued the ruling the fine was $2.5 billion).
Sergio MarchionneThe CEO of Fiat decided to invest 1 billion euros to make Mirafiori a state-of-the-art factory.

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