They greet each other in a very strange way.

They greet each other in a very strange way.

Romania, an Italian tik toker tells a silly custom they have here: the way they greet each other during the Easter period is a real quirk!

Romania is an Eastern European country with a rich history, unique cultural heritage and a variety of stunning landscapes. The most famous attraction is Bran Castle, which is located near Bracov and is associated with the character of Dracula, created by writer Bram Stoker. Its Gothic architecture and stunning location make it a popular destination for visitors. Another well-known castle is Pele Castle: it is located in the neo-Gothic style in Signa and is considered one of the most beautiful castles in Europe. It was the summer residence of the Romanian royal family.

The Romanian capital, Bucharest, offers a great mix of historic architecture, such as the Palace of Parliament, which is the largest civil administrative building in the world, and vibrant nightlife districts such as the Lipscani district. Other interesting cities are Sibiu (known for its cobblestone streets, colorful houses and historic squares), and Sighișoara (famous for its clock tower and for being the birthplace of Vlad III, the historical figure who inspired Dracula).

the The Voronezh Monastery, Corvin Castle, and the wooden churches of Maramureu (which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to their unique architecture and cultural significance) close the picture of Romania’s top attractions. However, the people here are also great…

Italian TikToker reveals Romania: “Here at Easter they change greetings.”

Even though Easter is long over (this year has already passed in abundance, and others are coming soon), TiKToker Dana, @mcdanalds0, wanted to create a custom video typical of the time of year that witnesses the resurrection of Christ for the Romanians. First of all, the influencer explains how they are very religious and dedicated in Romania.

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Next, the girl reveals how – if during the rest of the year we greet each other in the canonical manner with “Good morning” and “Good evening”, during Easter the greeting changes. So we greet each other in two forms. He who greets first says: “Jesus is risen,” and the others reply: “It is true that he is risen.”Dana’s video continues. Then the young TikToker imagined a conversation between two schoolgirls, in which the first asks the second about her math homework, but before doing so, she greets her by saying: Jesus is risenso that in the end it looks like: “Jesus is risen, can you pass my math homework?”.

Indeed, as far as the Romanians’ attachment to religion can be conjectured, it also seems to us difficult to change one’s greeting once a year. And you? Would you have done it before or did you just get out of the habit?

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