Ukraine, America’s ‘Distraction Strategy’: The Struggle to Hide the Real Problems

Ukraine, America’s ‘Distraction Strategy’: The Struggle to Hide the Real Problems

by Monica Valendino

Almost all analysts now agree that the Ukraine crisis is a war Between the United States and Russia With NATO being used as a means to reach the end: reducing the size of Russia and removing Putin from the political scene, thus weakening the Asian front also made up of China and India, which the current US administration considers the number one danger. However, it should be clear that the Russian enemy is nothing new and is not the only reason why Biden refused to talk with his counterpart in Moscow, that is, to really strive for peace, because the dialogue between Zelensky and Putin himself appears. More and more imagination.

But Biden’s states also have other reasons behind this conflict. The first is the presidential consensus at historical lows: With the midterm elections approaching and the risk of losing both the House and the Senate, an international success is sorely needed to mask the real problems of American society. Philosopher Noam Chomsky clearly explained in his “Strategy of Distraction” the current historical moment in the 50 countries. Never so broken and divided in their social fabric. This is why current policy seems likely to create what Chomsky called a “solution-reaction-problem”: a problem is created, a situation that is expected to cause a particular reaction from the public with the intent of being the instigator of the actions you wished to accept it. For example, letting war break out with the goal of demanding public security laws or creating an economic crisis to be accepted as a necessary evil. downgrading of social rights and dismantling public services.

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As mentioned, the Russian enemy has existed since the postwar period (McCarthian, Cold War), with only one moment of real relaxation when, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Bush Sr. and Gorbachev agreed, unfortunately without any written treaty. And Not pushing NATO forward outside the borders of the former Warsaw Pact countries. Then came Clinton and his politics favored just that, creating the first fissure that led to the current breakdown of bilateral relations between the United States and Russia.

Further ruptures occurred in 2014 when the Obama administration, prompted by Rep. Joe Biden and Secretary of State for European Affairs, Victoria Nuland, decided to support a change of president in Kyiv, creating a second major rift between the two parties.

But the real driver of the current situation is what happened next: Donald Trump break the status quo An American by winning the 2016 election, speaking to the heart of an America who feels betrayed by traditional parties and pressured more on domestic problems (see immigration) than on foreign policy (abandoning Afghanistan and wanting to downsize NATO). Politics is called populism vox populi, that right or wrong voice was also raised in Europe with Brexit at its zenith, an event that exposed and pushed the European Union further to support the rebellion of elites against the new leaders who were raging. completely With the support of the Pentagon that has always feared downsizing on foreign policy, which has always been a strong point of all star-and-stripes administrations.

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So war as a collective distraction weapon to restore strength at the national level through the international one, strengthen NATO An indispensable tool To ensure world order (also on the Pacific front with Aukus) and leave this legacy to Trump a potential repeater in 2024 who will find himself having to mislead his policies that wanted Russia closer to the states and China as The only economic enemy More than the military. This is where Biden’s war is going and when he advances his objective, he will be able to sit at the negotiating table. With all due respect to the dead in Ukraine.

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