The German Defense Minister proposes to recruit the “most motivated” men for military service

The German Defense Minister proposes to recruit the “most motivated” men for military service

The drums of war in Europe have prompted many countries to consider reintroducing compulsory military service to bulk up their armies and thus prepare them in case they need to defend themselves. the German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius Last week pointed towards the need to Creating a “new form of military service” Without having to return to the compulsory system – which Germany abandoned in 2011 – but also avoiding the voluntary system altogether. The proposal, which was finalized on Wednesday, will consist of: Create a registry of men and women suitable for military service and recruit the “most motivated” persons annually To provide service ranging from six months to two years in the German Armed Forces. Pistorius warned in a press conference, saying, “If we have to defend ourselves tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or three years from now, we will not be able to do so because we do not know who to mobilize. This is not sustainable.”

The conscription proposed by Pistorius would be implemented every year A form will be sent to 400,000 18-year-olds To learn about their physical abilities, training, and interest in joining the German Armed Forces. Those deemed fittest will be asked to attend a meeting, and those who are “fittest and most motivated” will be selected from among them, the minister explained. This process will be intended for people of both genders, with the difference it will make Mandatory for men and voluntary for womenBecause this is what the Constitution stipulates, and to make it obligatory for women, it must be amended.

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The Ministry of Defense estimates that 25% of young people will be interested, and that a total of 40,000 of them will be selected to undergo a medical examination, although ultimately only About 5,000 young people will receive military trainingThis is a number that is expected to increase every year as the resources allocated to training grow. Pistorius admitted that if the minimum number of volunteers was not reached, conscription would likely end up being used. Once accepted into military service, there will be the possibility to do so “Basic” service for six months, or extended up to 23 months.

Pistorius claims he is preparing for a possible attack by Russia in 2029

“We must be prepared for war in 2029”Pistorius warned last week. This is the year in which some experts estimate that Russia will have the ability to attack NATO member states militarily. The minister stressed on Wednesday that “the threat situation is completely different than it was a few years ago” due to the Russian attack on Ukraine. In this sense, the Minister said that since the abolition of military service in 2011, all mobilization structures have been weakened and there was a “huge hole” in the army, which he believes needs to be covered.

Currently, the German Army has 181,500 active soldiers, but it is gradually losing personnel. The Armed Forces’ goal is to reach 203,300 active personnelAlthough some positions consider that more is needed. However, Pistorius’s proposal does not have the support of his Social Democratic Party, nor of Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who favors voluntary service. On the other hand, the main opposition party, the Christian Democratic Union, supports the restoration of compulsory military service, including for women.

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