“Ugolini from Lazio.” Shocking video, UEFA opens procedures

“Ugolini from Lazio.”  Shocking video, UEFA opens procedures

A very complicated week for a president Naples, Aurelio de Laurentiis. The team's negative results also seemed to have had an impact on the club's number one player who lost his nerve against Sky V Before the Barcelona-Napoli match, second leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League. Now a video has emerged shedding new light on what happened.

De Laurentiis attacks Skye

Boss attack Aurelio De Laurentiis It did not generally have Sky as a reference as much as the decision to choose Massimo Ugolini as interviewer. In the new video that has gone viral on the internet, the Napoli president can be seen dragging Matteo Politano away from the interview with the TV station and then launching the attack: “It's Di Marzio he should talk to – says the first blue number then turns to one of the Sky crew – But what do you even do? I spoke to your bosses and to Ferri and tell me are you okay with Di Marzio? He is from Lazio (Addressing Ugolini, ed.).” Then the President of Naples loses his mind and attacks the photographer: “You don't have to film me while I'm talking. stupid“.

Napoli, De Laurentiis vs. Ugolini

Which Against Sky and in particular against Massimo Ugolini This is not the first anger and the first “disorganized” attack by the President of Naples against the journalist. Just a few weeks ago, the Italian coach criticized a Sky reporter during a press conference in Walter Mazzarri. Ugolini had asked the Tuscan coach to appoint the defensive unit and De Laurentiis arrived to respond in a completely inappropriate manner: “What is this… do you care?”

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Napoli, fans against ADL

Sociable Condemnation of De Laurentiis' behavior was unanimousThe gesture towards the Sky photographer was very poor. Now this new video confirms that the Italian number one player was not provoked or abused in any way. Napoli fans hope that the president can return to a behind-the-scenes role, given that his recent public statements have turned into real disasters in terms of communication and the club's image.

The European Union moves in the De Laurentiis case

while UEFA has initiated disciplinary proceedings against the Napoli president To suddenly interrupt Sky's interview with Politano. If the television station “forgave” the President of Naples after that, avoiding reporting him for the assault on the cameraman, the continental body was negatively affected by the violent and impudent attitude of the President of Naples. The action refers to a violation of Article 11 of the Regulation, paragraph 2b: It concerns basic rules of conduct and decorum. Expected punishment? a fine.

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