Formula 1 Domenicali: “Two races in Italy after 2026? It is possible, but very difficult”

Formula 1 boss: “It will be a special edition at Imola. I expect other successes from the driver market. Italy is an essential part of the calendar but we need to address issues related to resources, infrastructure and services for the fans.”

Lewis Hamilton’s first Imola as a future Ferrari driver, the aerodynamic innovations with which the red car will attempt to catch up to Max Verstappen’s Red Bull, and the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the deaths of Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger. The Emilia Romagna GP returns after a year’s absence due to the 2023 flood, and promises to be packed with content. Stefano Domenicali, the Formula 1 boss, who is at home here, thinks so too. “All the components are in place for it to be a special edition. There will be a great welcome from the fans at Hamilton, following the announcement that he will race for Ferrari from 2025. Furthermore, Cavallino has officially announced the arrival of reinforcements to the team.” team (Loic Serra and Jerome D’Ambrosio; ed.) and there has been talk of a possible important collaboration (with Adrian Newey; Mr. Dr.). “But above all, Ferrari will have developments on the car that will make the fight at the top even more exciting,” says Domenicali.

Double F1 GP in Italy

The World Championship, in its seventh race, is already witnessing the start of Verstappen, as was the case in previous seasons. “Max is having another flawless championship. But there are very small gaps behind him and all the teams are pushing, so I expect more competition. Furthermore, there are factors that could jeopardize Red Bull’s dominance, such as changes within the team and potential news from the driver market so “I don’t see the danger of getting bored, the TV data, which is more spotty, does not reflect F1 which is at an all-time high for viewers and sponsors, with demands from every nation hosting races.” Uncomfortable competition for our two GPs in Monza and Imola. “Italy occupies a central position in the Formula 1 calendar, but important issues related to the resources that the country intends to invest and the infrastructure must be addressed, because there is a need for a change of pace by improving the safety of the racetracks and the provision of services for the race. General – explains Domenicali – At the end of August, At Monza, we will make an evaluation with the government institutions and with the ACI that it is still possible for Italy to hold two races after 2026, but realistically I think it will be very difficult to renew the agreement with F1 for Monza and Imola The year 2030 is starting to get closer.

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f1 market

Hamilton’s departure from Mercedes and Newey’s departure from Red Bull may not be the only twists of the season. The story of Christian Horner, accused of “inappropriate” behavior by an employee, continues to shake things up at Red Bull and could lead to a trial in Great Britain. “Let’s not get into the company’s problems, let the team take care of it,” Domenicali says. “Obviously we will follow developments carefully, but at the moment there are no reasons to intervene.” The repercussions could be dramatic, as Verstappen’s family is upset and the Dutchman could decide to move to Mercedes as early as next year, affecting the futures of other drivers such as Carlos Sainz, Sergio Perez and seventeen-year-old Andrea Kimi Antonelli. , Toto Wolff’s stepson. “I expect market movements ahead of Silverstone that will have a domino effect destined to change the structure of many teams,” Domenicali predicted.

f1 rules

Also among the hot topics are the renewal of the Concordat Charter and the new FIA technical regulations. “At the last meeting of the Formula One Commission, there was agreement on the main points and it was decided to publish the rules on June 1. All teams are already working on the 2026 cars. The aerodynamic package will see some new features. The sore point is the high weight of the single seat. For my part, I would That the engines produce a better and louder sound, as enthusiasts demand. If sustainable gasoline leads to zero emissions, we could also consider abandoning hybrid fuel power units in 2030. As for the renewal of the Concorde agreement, the issue of Red Bull having two teams has arisen, but they will be. “Able to continue in this way due to the contribution the brand has made to the history of Formula 1, we confirm the cap of 25 GP per season and intend to expand the new Sprint Race format to include more events, making the race weekends even more exciting.”

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