Prepare dash for De Kettleri, United on Tomori

Prepare dash for De Kettleri, United on Tomori

The club is ready to raise the Belgian offer, the English defender wants to renew with the Rossoneri

There was no need to confirm, since in fact he was already informed that he was no longer part of the project, but Ziyech became increasingly distant from Chelsea and, accordingly, increasingly closer to Milan. In fact, the London team closed with Manchester City in exchange for Sterling who, in fact, freed the Moroccan winger. During the week, the Rossoneri will try to find an agreement with the Blues on the loan formula and close the deal.

Calabrian Belinda Lau: “More work”
With renewal still in the balance, on Friday Rafa Liao posted on social media thanking everyone for the great season last year (“I have goals to achieve, but I’m proud of last season’s results. They don’t.” It makes me lose motivation and focus. ‘) David Calabria, Milan’s new captain commented immediately: ‘There is so much to do, come on! “.

Sanchez deal linked to the renewal of Lau?
Corriere dello Sport talks about the “Mendez variant” in the Renato Sanchez case: the strong client follows both midfielder and Rafael Leao, in negotiations with Milan for renewal. For Sanchez, the recruitment demand rose from 3.5 million to 5 million, while the AC Milan winger requested 7 million euros per season. The tangle of the market that threatens to bring Sanchez closer to Paris Saint-Germain.

Yesterday Charles de Kitleri, the number one target in the AC Milan transfer market, did not play for Brugge in the friendly against Copenhagen and tomorrow, with Maldini and Massara back in the office, the Rossoneri are ready to attack again. Bruges with a new offer for CDK as the first offer was rejected. Milan intends to offer 30 million euros plus a series of bonuses and a percentage on future resales (which must be understood, however, both on the total amount of the deal and on capital gains). For a player who wants to continue playing in the Champions League and has already reached an agreement with the Devil, a five-year contract is ready with a net salary of €2.5 million per season.

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United for Tomori, the player’s wall
Fikayo Tomori is only waiting for Milan: The Premier League, as revealed by Calciomercato.Com, has drawn in Manchester United’s court in recent weeks, but does not appear ready to consider any proposals. Indeed, on the Tomori plate, the renovation with Milan was dancing. The Rossoneri aims to extend the contract from 2025 to 2027, with a relative salary adjustment after an exciting season.

LILLE, RENATO SANCHES Farewell: CABELLA makes the visits
As Renato Sanchez approaches his farewell, Lille is cautious in the market by closing it down to take his place. According to RMC Sport, in fact, Remy Kabila, the 1990-born attacking midfielder who finished last season in a Montpellier shirt, had already undergone medical checks with the French club in Paris and in the next few hours to sign the contract with the expected Les Dogues.

Castillejo, there is a Valencia Gattuso
Among the players who will leave Milan in the summer there will also be Samo Castillego, who has long been outside the Rossoneri project of Stefano Pioli: for the Spanish winger, a return to La Liga is expected, where Valencia Gattuso, the club, in particular, is expected to return. I already looked for it up to a year ago.

Ziyech left for the championship with Chelsea
Hakim Ziyech has regularly left for the American Tour with his Chelsea teammates. The Moroccan will travel with the Blues, but in the meantime negotiations continue to bring him to the Rossoneri.

Caldara one step from Spezia
Mattia Caldara is very close to wearing a Spezia shirt. according to 19th century The defender could arrive in Liguria as early as Monday to reinforce Guti’s backguard.

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ZIYECH LIKE LUKAKU: He will run his business alone
With an official announcement that appeared on social networks, Hakim Ziyech announced that he had taken the decision to manage the affairs of his career alone: ​​“I have reached a point in my life – you read – I think the time is right” I have taken complete control of my career. I want negotiations and decisions about my career to be made by me. So, going forward, my team and I, along with our attorneys, will take care of our affairs.”

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