U-20 World Cup: USA – Fiji 3-0; Uzbekistan and New Zealand 2-2

U-20 World Cup: USA – Fiji 3-0;  Uzbekistan and New Zealand 2-2

The USA held full points in Group B thanks to 3 goals in the last half hour. A thrilling Group A draw with New Zealand came in the 93rd minute after two leads

The United States books into the Round of 16 by achieving their second success in Group B of the U-20 World Cup in Argentina. No problem for the stars and boys from Varas, who pulled off a hat-trick in Fiji with flashes of Luna, and the attacking Real Salt Lake midfielder is already among the best against Ecuador, Cowell and Willy, all in the second half. On the other hand, the New Zealanders are sweating a lot more against fighting Uzbekistan who are trailing a deserved 2-2 in stoppage time. However, the All Blacks are in first place in Group A with four points, waiting for Argentina – Guatemala.

USA – Fiji 3-0

Varas decides to measure his team’s energies by significantly changing the eleven teams that beat Ecuador in their debut. Once again there’s the offensive section, with Luna and Willie making way for Coyle Wolf to form a trident with Sullivan. Gomez is added to them, a thorn in the opponent’s defense side when he breaks the passing lines by provoking his teammates. With these four and a long and compact midfield, putting the opposition under was child’s play, also thanks to the technical limitations of the surrounding players especially at the back and in attack. The good news for Fiji is the inspiring day for goalkeeper Mustafa, decisive in keeping the score in the balance for more than an hour thanks to the tackles on Sullivan (16) and Coyle (52) and the waste of Yabe and again Coyle in the half shot. Then the turning point came with the entry of Luna, who in the 66th minute hit an accurate shot with his right foot from the edge of the area. The Mimms only shoot once, at the start of the second half, they are targeted with 26 shots and surrender twice more: in the 88th minute with another right-footed shot, this time by Coyle, and in the 99th minute with a clutch by Wiley. 3-0, in the end, even close to the United States.

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Uzbekistan – New Zealand 2-2

False result in Santiago del Estero between Uzbekistan and New Zealand: because if the former play and build, the latter flop and come close to success with just a few attempts. This is all the difference between the Uzbeks, who collect only one point in the final picture, and those who are led by two improvised inventions. In Uzbekistan, Fayzulayev, the scorer who started the comeback in the 51st minute, stood out, as well as Muhammedjonov, who lacks composure and precision when it comes to closing.

Isanov takes care of saving the barracks by blocking the blow with a flavor of sarcasm, who dives in at 93 minutes behind the Sims’ impressive game so far. The New Zealanders thank two cars from Wallace (23′) and Herdman (41′), among the few lights in a challenge played with rhythm and with little initiative. Despite the lackluster success in the last moments, the All Blacks are regaining a point that is still valuable from a qualification perspective, even if the last match will be against Argentina.

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