Carlos Carrizosa resigns as president of Ciudadanos

Carlos Carrizosa resigns as president of Ciudadanos

BarcelonaThe results of the May 12 election still have consequences. According to sources seen by Europe Press, the leader of the Citizens Party in Catalonia so far, Carlos Carrizoza, resigned from the presidency of the party this week, after the formation was excluded from Parliament in the last elections.

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Carrizoza communicated this in a letter to the militants, where he explained that the 12-M obliges the Orange Party to propose “deep reforms”, since the formation went from winning the 2017 Catalan elections to disappearing from Parliament. “I do not separate myself from the citizens and I will continue to contribute and help sincerely in everything that is asked of me, supporting as a fighter all those who want, generously and freely, to promote this unique project in Spain,” Carlos Carrizosa confirms the message.

He also appreciates the personal support he has received, expresses his pride in representing the Communist Party and says he is entering a new personal and professional phase in which he maintains “the same determination to help this party and its people” as he has since 2006.

Fewer votes than PACMA

Carrizosa makes this decision after obtaining only 0.72% of the votes in the recent Catalan elections. The Citizens, in this appointment at the ballot box, received 22,481 support and were far from entering Parliament, with less support than Bakma. The contradiction is complete when compared to the results obtained by Inés Arrimadas, at the height of the process, in the elections of December 21, 2017. She came in first place with 1.1 million votes, or 25.35% of the votes. And 36 deputies, but the result did not last long: only four years later, in the elections of February 14, 2021, the Citizens had already lost thirty deputies: they obtained 158,606 votes, that is, 5.56% of the votes and 6 seats.

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In addition, if you add to the Catalan elections the disappearance of the Chamber of Deputies in the last general election of 2023 and the recent result in the European Chamber elections, in which the Citizens also disappeared from the map, it is clear that the orange party is in the process of extinction.

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