Two UPF professors receive €300,000 without official permission

Two UPF professors receive €300,000 without official permission

(ACN/Redacció) Two professors from the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) have been paid their salaries. Nearly 300 thousand euros annually from the private sector without obtaining a compliance permit from the Centre, according to what was confirmed by the website and sources close to ACN. The case has been reported to the Anti-Fraud Office of Catalonia. It's about economists José García Montalvo and Teresa García Mella And for a while they go Combine their positions as full-time civil servants with participation on management boards From large companies.

According to the same newspaper. Montalvo has been a member of Abanca's Board of Directors since 2014. He received about 275,000 euros annually for this position, according to calculations by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV). On the other side, Garcia Milla has been a member of the Board of Directors of Repsol since 2019This activity earned 287 thousand euros annually. In 2023, the figure would have risen to 347 thousand euros.

The UPF deprived them of consensus

When the case came to the fight against fraud, The two applied for compatibility, but the university rejected it Because it is considered incompatible with full-time work. Now both have switched to part-time. According to the anti-fraud decision mentioned by the newspaper, the authority considered the incompatibility between the two to be “absolute,” and pointed to “signs of fraud or corruption” in combining tasks without the permission of the university center. The OAC later closed the case after verifying that the two affected had switched to part-time work.

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There are no complaints from students or employees

According to the teachers, they would informally ask UPF for permission, and then were told that there should be no problem. According to sources close to the Manpower Association, this consultation took place informally and its information could have been misleading. University sources indicate this During this duality they both fulfilled their obligations to Pompey The university did not record any complaints from students or employees. The action taken by Antifrau is what is known as a pre-validation assessment, through which it alerted Pompeo to the irregularities found.

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