“I learned from the press”

“I learned from the press”

to’Eric Matthew Enjoys the (shared) honor of receiving the best mark in Selectivity From 2024 in Catalonia: one 9,9. Even though he had appeared in the middle of everywhere for the past few hours, he tempered his ecstasy: “I don’t know if I’m the best student. This just says that I got the best grade“, he notes humbly.

On Thursday, the media was summoned to his home, A San CugatTo know his impressions after the news that surprised him somewhat. “I figured it out By press. One of my friends told me the news as she said she had taken this note,” she admits. Two days before that, he had received a call from the administration asking for permission to release his contact to the media. This made him think he had gotten a very good grade, but he didn’t believe in any way. It’s going to be better. “My diagnosis was nine and a half at most!” he admits.

what do you want to do now?

In the past few hours, messages have not stopped arriving through his WhatsApp application. This event was also celebrated bravely inInstituto Frat del Vente de CerdagnolaWhere he was a student until now. Starting next year, he will set his sights on university. “I want to pursue a dual degree in mathematics and physics at UAB.”he’s referring to.

During his high school years, he actually participated in various specialized programs, which helped strengthen his calling. In fact, his academic career is not like a student who always gets honors in all subjects. As he himself remembers, he had to repeat the second year of primary school, because he changed schools as a result of the bad behavior he had with his classmates. An obstacle that did not prevent him from his conviction and desire to continue learning.

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Eric Mathieu, at his home, in Sant Cugat | ACN

At home, numbers alternate with moments of music thanks to another passion. “I am battery From the pop rock group. Our names are Where to go?“, he points out. And although he admits that he had to slow down in the previous weeks, the drumsticks never stopped beating. He says that effort and perseverance are necessary in any major. “As for studying on the last day, I don’t think you can Get 9.9 at PAU.”

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