The Michelin restaurant verdict infuriates parents

The Michelin restaurant verdict infuriates parents

the children Under 12 must remain seated at the table for the duration of the meal. A strict rule, on the basis of which it is famous restaurant reported in Michelin guide It does not bargain, but it sparked controversy on the net after the complaints of the father, who expressed his discontent after trying to book for himself and his family with two people. children. A topic that sparked a lot of controversy on social media, and touched a sensitive nerve for both the category of “parents” and those who do not have children.

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The children were forced to remain seated at the table in the restaurant

The section for online reservations on the website of Spanish restaurant O Fragón, in Fisterra, reads, “Children under 12 must always stay at the table accompanied by their parents, otherwise the reservation will have to be reconsidered.” A rule that didn’t go well with a father-of-two who didn’t hesitate to report it on Twitter. I have two sons. I went for reservations at a popular restaurant on the Costa da Morte. I read on the web: “Children under 12 must remain seated throughout the meal; If you come with children, call before booking. Tell me, is it deterrent, scary, or discriminatory? the father writes in a tweet that quickly went viral.

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Within a few days, the tweet had accumulated thousands of hits and comments of all kinds: «I wanted you to interpret it this way, but in my opinion it was for the safety of the children and those around them. In fact, they explained that they have a large window and that there have already been accidents with children, “clients and workers should not put up with other people’s children.” If you don’t like the ban on running and screaming in a restaurant, take them for a walk.” I think it’s perfect for a restaurant owner who intends to provide good service to the rest of the diners who doesn’t have to put up with the bad manners of many parents. They don’t care about their children, not just in the restaurant “,” I completely agree with the owner of the restaurant, if the children don’t learn, don’t take them outside to eat, and the rest of us don’t have to put up with children running and screaming between tables. On the other hand, there are parents who believe that waiters or workers of various companies are there to “take care” of their children.

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Restaurant explanations

And according to El Español, the restaurant has defended itself against the allegations, asserting that the specs appear on their website for the sake of customers, as the place is completely enclosed in glass and they have already had an accident in the past. But not only that, he also confirms that there have been cases of children who went missing entering a nearby mountainous area.

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