IKEA, THE BEST-SELLING FURNITURE EVER: There's a specific reason why these models are found

IKEA, THE BEST-SELLING FURNITURE EVER: There's a specific reason why these models are found

IKEA, the low-cost Swedish furniture giant with unique design, is known for some truly unique products in terms of style and adaptability.

Swedish furniture giant IKEA is one of the best-selling companies when it comes to selling furniture and home accessories, especially some of the models that… I became really famous. IKEA furniture is designed to fit any style, allowing it to be simple or more accessorised. Not only that, the colors are also generally available in neutral tones.

There are some products that become vintage, even though these items were created to be purchased in bulk and not as unique pieces. However, in this particular market there are those who are willing to pay a lot for some things that are no longer on the market and that have been produced and put on sale by IKEA.

Unique pieces from IKEA have become true, unobtainable interior design gems

For example, the jeans chair by Gillis Lundgren. The famous Tagt, featured on the cover in 1973, is a good investment if you find it at some flea market. Not only that, but the Storvik armchair establishes itself as a piece of vintage design from IKEA. This can always be found on the online vintage market or in vintage stores. The peculiarity is that they are never found for less than 1000 euros.

IKEA furniture

IKEA, the best-selling furniture of all time: there is a specific reason why these models are found – designmag.it

The shape is really special, especially because of the particularity that is very popular now, which is rattan. In terms of armchairs, the Råane (formerly Järpen) made of iron still stands out. Also the oddly shaped mushroom and clam chairs Åke and Fåtöljer. They date back to 1943 and were purchased for more than $50,000 apiece. American collectors further confuse this issue, which explains how the “clam” or “mushroom” chairs (Fåtöljer, “Åke”), which entered the Swedish market only a year after the company was founded in 1943, were purchased by a collector The combination at an unimaginable price $55,000 each.

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In short, real models, sometimes unobtainable, that are considered pieces of design, despite being widely marketed in the year of their launch. A real success for IKEA, which over the years has become a giant in the household appliances and furniture sector, and a reference for families all over the world who are about to enter the world of furnishings.

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