Scooter models price in promotion in August

Scooter models price in promotion in August

Honda offers many offers and discounts for the purchase of the SH scooter: August promotions on all versions.

L ‘Honda u It is one of the most famous scooter models in Italy and the world. Then, in summer, it’s the perfect way to rid yourself of the traffic of coastal resorts besieged with tourists. There are different versions of the Displacement, but they all share the same style and design that has made them so popular among scooter riders.

Honda SH Mode 125 (

Even in August promotions before Honda It offers affordable prices and is available in most areas SH . range. For example, there is a width for the SH350i, but also for the smaller displacement SH125i and 150i. Price news also for the new Vision 110 which, with its stripes, could represent a viable alternative to u. Let’s see what they are specifically.

Forms 125 SH . mode It can be purchased with interest-free financing (TAN 0%, MAX APR 13.54%) with the first of 24 installments stipulated in the formula payable 30 days after delivery. The amount that can be financed ranges from 1,500 to 2,700 euros, with the total amount of the credit plus the total cost of the credit equal to 1706.93 euros.

Honda SH Deals, August

Honda SH
Honda SH125i (

to meSH125i And the SH150iThe offer always provides an interest-free loan (TAN 0.01% and APR 6.66%) in 36 installments of 68.06 € per month with down payment and first installment in 30 days. In this case, the total amount due is €2,535.49.

for Honda SH350iOn the other hand, there is a formula that provides for a down payment and 36 installments of 104.17 € per month with interest-free financing (TAN 0.01% and APR 4.31%). The amount that can be financed is between 2,000 EUR and 5,200 EUR, while the total amount of the credit plus the total cost of the credit is 3,838.70 EUR.

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As an alternative to SH, there is Vision 110 which can be purchased in the formula easy honda (Also available for other models of motorcycles and scooters) which offers a constant TAN of 1.90% and an APR of 13.49%. The first installment for 30 days and the amount that can be financed from 1500 to 2000 euros are among other conditions stipulated in the purchase solution. The amount between the total amount of the credit and the total cost of the credit is 1,656 euros.

All the Offers valid until August 31, 2022. For more information, you can always refer to the official Honda website and contact your nearest dealer.

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