Silvia Tovanen, unforgivable mistake: until her son scolded her | “from that day …”

Silvia Tovanen, unforgivable mistake: until her son scolded her |  “from that day …”
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The unsuspecting Silvia Tovanin puts on a full-blown faux pas in front of her son Lorenzo: the dry reproach arrives.

Marostik Commander Silvia Tovanen She has come a long way since her debut on the Miss Italia 1997 catwalk, and has firmly established herself over the years on Biscione’s schedule.

After her first experiences in “Passaparola” and “Nonsolomoda”, the attractive gun took the helm of the “Verissimo” pits in 2004, which she still holds the reins.

Backstage Mediaset met his current partner Pierre Silvio Berlusconi; The wealthy descendant holds the position of CEO of the issuer, thus representing A.J Longevity guarantee By Silvia Tovanen in Major Special. The couple also had two children Children Lorenzo Mattia and Sofia Valentinawhich appeared in 2010 and 2015, respectively.

According to recent rumors, the businessman intends to got married With the presenter, and their marriage is likely to mark a period of intense tabloid frenzy and paparazzi assault. Furthermore, Silvia Tovanin and Pierre represent Silvio Berlusconi The perfect romantic pairingShe is attractive, young, capable, and ambitious, and has already begun to build an idyllic family. the biggest LorenzoHowever, in the past She had something to say about her mother’s stylistic choices.

Silvia Tovanin and that ruthless slate Lorenzo Mattia

Born into a humble family with firm principles — her mother worked as a caretaker, while her father worked in a factory — Silvia Tuvanen made headlines primarily for her attractiveness, and later for her own. perseverance Unlined in front of the cameras.

My parents worked, and I spent a lot of time with my grandparents“,” confess to “grace”.My grandfather used to tell me local gossip. Involve me in their activities: rosary, procession during the month of Madonna, Priscola, Setbilo. We often played cards: I wonMoreover, Silvia Tuvanen’s father was very protective of her: “I was not allowed to go out… He let me go to a disco from time to time, on condition that he accompany me. He was waiting for me in the car in the parking lot. No need to tell him to come home and then come back and pick me up. It didn’t move from thereSo there is no mystery that the presenter is trying to convey to him Values ​​simplicity and humility for their children. Actually, an amusing anecdote flick:What mom am I? According to my boys, heavy… They say to me: “Why don’t you dress like that with us too?”… Once only , I happened to accompany my son to the bus in his pajamas. We are late. From that day he commanded himself: “Dress up, mother!”“.

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Silvia Tovanin and Pierre Silvio Berlusconi -
Silvia Tovanin and Pierre Silvio Berlusconi – (web source)

Silvia Tovanen’s choices for her children

Finally, the prologue admits that she wishes her offspring could Have a happy childhood And out of the limelight.

Indeed, he decided to plant it in the provinces, rather than the more favorable provinces and central Milan: “I wanted to give my children the sea and a little bit of my childhood“.

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