Tunnels, new structures and activities at military sites

Tunnels, new structures and activities at military sites

Nuclear escalation and the risk of escalation? Russia, the United States and China have built new structures and dug new tunnels at their nuclear test sites in recent years, satellite images obtained exclusively by CNN show. Although there is no evidence to suggest that the three countries are preparing for imminent nuclear tests, the images – provided by a military non-proliferation studies analyst, as the broadcaster explains – show work that has been carried out at three nuclear test sites in the past 3-5 years. Years. The Chinese site is located in the northwestern region of Xinjiang, the Russian site is in an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, and the American site is in the Nevada desert.

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Nuclear sites

Satellite images show new tunnels under mountains, new roads and storage facilities, as well as increased vehicular traffic in and out of the sites, said Jeffrey Lewis, an associate professor at the Middlebury Institute’s James Martin Center for International Nonproliferation. “There’s actually a lot of evidence to suggest that we see that Russia, China and the United States might resume nuclear testing,” Lewis said, something none of those countries have done since underground nuclear testing was banned under the 1996 Comprehensive Nuclear Test.


China and the United States signed the treaty, but did not ratify it. Retired US Air Force Colonel Cedric Layton, a former intelligence analyst, examined photographs of the three powers’ nuclear sites and came to a similar conclusion. He added: “It is clear that the three countries – Russia, China and the United States – have invested a lot of time, effort and money not only in modernizing their nuclear arsenals, but also in preparing the type of activities necessary to conduct a test.” Comment.

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